Entrepreneurs Connect is a webinar series where we discuss business topics that add value to your business. We follow the short presentation with Q&A with subject matter experts. The purpose of the event is to create synergies with local businesses and allow them to be a part of a family of mentors and mentees who come together to avoid social isolation that can occur when people are in business by themselves. Connecting is the best form of learning! join us as we work together to help your business succeed. ​  

Watch the recordings here:

Business Viability: The Break-Even Analysis
Understanding Costs, Revenue and Profit. How to determine the financial viability of your business.

Business Viability: The Cashflow Forecast
​Factors that determine how cash enters your business, as well as how to forecast your monthly cash outflows.

Early Stage Financing
How to borrow money to start a business.

Online Lead Generation and Marketing for Small Business
​Cost-effective ways to increase sales leads and reach new customers online. Understanding unique value proposition and how to communicate your message effectively.​