Brampton Entrepreneur Jacob Farjou helps Bramptonians Trainsmart

Jacob Farjou is the founder of Trainsmart Wellness, a collective of kinesiologists dedicated to elevating people’s health and fitness. No matter where you are in your physical fitness, they help you achieve your goals.

Think Smart – Getting Started 
For as long as he can remember, Jacob has known that he wanted to work in the fitness and health industry. Playing soccer and running track in his earlier years, he developed a keen interest in understanding the human body in all its intricacies. Fueled by a desire to be the best in his field, Jacob started his studies at Humber College for fitness and health promotion, attained an undergraduate degree from York University, and then returned to Humber for a post grad in exercise science lifestyle management. Clearly, the guy knows his stuff. Wanting to put all his knowledge to good use, Jacob opened up Trainsmart Wellness. “I knew exercise and fitness, and I knew what I wanted to do but not necessarily the business steps to get there,” Jacob explains. Knowing he needed help, he got in contact with the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC). With Jennifer Vivian's help (then business advisor, now BEC manager), Jacob learned how to write a business plan and make his business dreams a reality. Trainsmart officially opened in 2015 and has been helping Bramptonians elevate their wellness ever since.
Build Smart – The Team
Part of the Trainsmart story is a love story. Jacob met Debbie while training to be a kinesiologist. They connected over their shared passion for kinesiology, fell in love, and worked together to build the business. “I always say she’s the brains the operation,” Jacob chuckles. Debbie helps various people improve their health with a specialty and passion in health promotion and chronic disease. As the business has grown, so has the team.  Sanja and Malik are two of the latest additions to the Trainsmart team. They both have a wealth of knowledge about optimizing the human body. Together, this elite team of kinesiologists brings to the table a complete understanding of the human body and the ability to help people achieve their goals.
Trainsmart team from left to right: Malik, Debbie, Sonja, Jacob

Work Smart – COVID19 Response
 In a time when people are hyper-aware of their health, Jacob had to find new ways to reach those looking to elevate their wellness. As Jacob explains, “COVID hit but like everything you have to adapt and pivot. We’ve adapted multiple times and pivoted in many directions with Trainsmart.”  The most recent pivot is Trainsmart Academy, which has opened up new opportunities to help members of the community. This six-week online training program, developed by Sanja and Malik, provides clients with all the resources needed for successful home workouts. Despite the millions of exercise videos online, Trainsmart Academy offers the thing people need most when making healthy lifestyle choices; accountability. Clients are plugged-in to a community of like-minded people dedicated to their fitness goals. The program boasts six virtual exercise classes per week, weekly individual check-ins with coaches, and access to their private Facebook community. According to Jacob, “there’s no secret formula… people like the program, the ability to watch the videos on their own time and the accountability aspect.”

At the core of this great pivot is a great team. As Jacob explains, “Sanja and Malik came to me with the idea, polled people in their network, and then acted upon it. Debbie put together the website and all our back end stuff. I trust my team. We’re all working toward the same vision and we all move in that same direction.”

Dream Smart – Advice and Next Steps 
Now embarking on the sixth year of business with a stellar team and new ideas for the future, Jacob has learned a thing or two along the way. His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to know that “nothing will go exactly as planned, be ready for that. Just execute, problem solve, and execute again.” While monitoring the COVID situation, Jacob looks forward to exploring new ways to elevate their services further. In a post-COVID world, there are hopes for a bigger location to accommodate more kinesiologists on the team. In all, the goal for Trainsmart Wellness is to continue to get people as healthy as possible.

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