Client Spotlight

Brampton Businessman Helps Small Businesses get Ahead
Murtaza Khambati is the owner of Telkoware, a fast-growing, IT and Web services provider. The primary objective of his organization is to help businesses promote their products and services via website design, digital marketing, graphic design, software development and mobile app development services. 

 During his 12+ years in the IT industry, Murtaza noticed that small businesses were not using digital tools and technology to grow their business. They did not have the resources to hire big digital marketing agencies or to do the work in-house. Since they were not investing in Digital Marketing, they struggled to acquire new customers, thus restricting their business growth. So, he decided to start his own business to help small businesses promote their products and services through digital marketing, website design, graphic design, software development and mobile app development services.

Like many entrepreneurs, Murtaza’s entrepreneurship journey was not easy. The biggest challenge he faced was convincing customers to believe in his talent. To overcome this hurdle, he offered his services at a nominal price and only accepted payment from clients if his quality of work exceeded their expectations. This was no risk to the clients so they signed up! Of course they loved his work and from there he was able to build a portfolio.
“Follow your passion, setup your business, and work hard to make it successful,” says Murtaza. “It will be a learning and rewarding journey and as you grow with more experience, your business will grow with you. There is no shortcut to success.”
Murtaza did not get to where he is today on his own. He received mentorship and guidance from many people and organizations including the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre’s (BEC) Starter Company Plus program. From this experience he learned a myriad of practical business-management skills including: how to manage his finances, price his services competitively, and develop an effective marketing and sales strategy among many others. Murtaza continues to attend the BEC’s workshops and seminars to acquire new information and network with other businesses. 

As Telkoware continues to grow, Murtaza is working on adding new services to his portfolio. He recently launched a service that provides clients with complete website maintenance, security and unlimited changes for only $39 a month. You can learn more about his company here. Murtaza continues to expand his services so that clients can have a one-stop shop for all IT, Web, and Digital Marketing services.

Murtaza’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Don’t be afraid to take risks and keep exploring unconventional, creative ways of solving your customers’ pain points. Keep your customers as your North Star and think about how you can give them a truly remarkable service and a pleasant experience.”