Ei Amplified: Emotional Intelligence as a Tool for Success

Brampton’s own Aman Sahota is well underway towards entrepreneurial success with his (and business partner
Henry Fu’s) groundbreaking company Ei Amplified. Understanding that emotions can have an enormous impact on our decisions, our behaviours, the way we communicate and interact with others, they have created an organization dedicated to exploring emotional intelligence and its applications at home, at school and in the workplace. Using identified key words that align with values based statements Ei Amplified has found a way to quantify emotions as a means of creating space for difficult conversations. They use emotions to address topics such as diversity and equity, enhancing and building communications skills and to support the concepts of innovation, inclusivity and even sustainability in the workplace. By attaching a numerical “value” to emotions, and using it to foster empathy; whether in business, a non-profit environment or in schools, Ei Amplified equips future generations with the emotional tools they’ll need for success.
A true Brampton success story, Aman attended elementary and secondary school here before attending the University of Toronto to study. As the child of immigrants, he shared this: “The importance of education was always stressed to me, from my grandparents on down, that the power of education in shaping a person’s future can help to drive change.” Watching his parents forsake professional careers in India to work tough jobs here, Aman knew that he wanted to focus on a career that he loved, that was entrepreneurial (not just for the paycheque) and more importantly, that would help to improve our understanding of the role of empathy and emotions in healing trauma and fostering greater diversity and understanding in the workplace. He credits various mentors, his family, University of Toronto Accelerator (ICUBE UTM and InnovEd) and the BEC with providing the tools and resources needed to help future generations “build stronger relationships, understand how your own emotions impact decisions and how understanding other people’s emotions and being able to work with them can have real impact and cause meaningful change.”
Originally referred to BEC through the Brampton Innovation District, connecting with Daniel Bishun of the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre was pivotal. Calling him a “wealth of knowledge,” Aman credits both Daniel and the BEC team with providing the support, tools and resources needed to help Ei Amplified launch. Receiving help with grant writing, making connections with business mentors in the community like the folks at ACCIDA, providing ongoing advice and even the opportunity to speak as part of an upcoming Brampton delegation were all part of the support Daniel provided. As well, Daniel encouraged Sahota, and partner Fu, to explore working with non-profit organizations as a stepping-stone to accessing work with Peel Region middle and secondary school students, teachers and their families. This was an important goal for Sahota, because he truly believes helping young adults develop empathy is a lifelong skill that adds value to every future interaction they’ll have – in the workplace, the community and in the home.
Asked about experiencing obstacles, and for any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Aman shared the importance of really knowing and understanding your purpose so you can maintain focus on your goals throughout the ups and downs of launching a business. Being resilient and adaptive as well as knowing your core strengths and where you might need help (and asking for it!) is also crucial. Calling Covid an opportunity to focus on personal growth; by reading, learning and continually connecting with mentors, he says; “Yes, Covid impacted our journey but it allowed us to sit back, assess and evaluate the business. What we saw was an opportunity to work online, which is where people already were.” As a result, they’ve not only augmented virtual programming but are also exploring further enhancements to their offerings including a music program, along with STEM and psychology topics, as a means to expand their diversity and inclusion offerings. The end result meant Covid didn’t have “so much of a negative impact on my business.”
Aman Sahota and Henry Fu are people to watch. Aman remains focussed and driven on a future where we see people who are happier, have a better understanding of emotional intelligence and of its importance. “To take this global,” he says, “would be amazing.” With so many achievements and at such a young age including winning the Canadian International EdTech Leadership Startup Summit Challenge, combined with the support and encouragement received through the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and UOFT Accelerators, it’s easy to imagine just how possible his goal really is. Ei Amplified aims to equip future generations with ALL the tools they need for success, including the emotional ones! 
Aman was a part of U of T’s Campus Accelerator Innovit Program and UTM’s ICube Accelerator. He won the Canadian International EdTech Leadership Summit in 2021 and was named as one of MindShare Learning’s “Top 21 of 2021.”
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Spotlight stories prepared by Sheralyn Roman B.A. B.Ed., Writing Right For You