Events in the Square

A young girl dances within a crowd of Bollywood dancers. she is dressed in a blue dress with gold floral embroidery.
A woman wearing black sunglasses holds rainblow flags. The background is blurred but shows a crowd in Garden Square.
A young man wearing a black sweater and black cap dances with his arms out. The photo is shot from below the young man and looks up at him with the Garden Square screen and blue sky in the background. The young man smiles widely with his mouth open.
A woman in indigenous clothing smiles widely and dances. Her outfit is white and adorned with brown and black beads, she has red face paint on her forehead.

​Celebrate in Garden Square

Garden Square hosts free events during the summer that highlight Brampton’s vibrant arts and culture community. Our events host entertainment from local to international performers, and celebrate the diversity of our city.

Garden Square is home to The City of Brampton's annual New Year's Eve celebration and many other community events. Browse our events calendar to see what's up next in downtown Brampton.

Featured Events