Garden Square Public Entertainment Space

1 Theatre Lane

Main Street and Queen Street


Garden Square


Garden Square is committed to providing opportunities for local community groups to showcase and celebrate culture and creativity. As such, the Square offers several options for not-for-profit and charitable organizations to host independently produced community-focused events. Independently produced events receive a full complement of services including technical production, security, cleaning and logistics staff, as well as client support. Our staff will work closely with you to provide the expertise required to ensure that your event is a success.

For commercial organizations interested in Garden Square, contact us at 905.874.3405 or

If you have a question about whether a permit for Garden Square is required for an activity, contact us at 905.874.2957 or


Festivals are selected annually through a competitive application process. Garden Square Festival Applications will be assessed by an Evaluation Panel comprised of City of Brampton staff and community stakeholders with subject matter expertise.

The application to hold a festival in 2018 will open on Monday, April 16, 2018.

The deadline to submit a festival application for the 2018 season is April 27, 2018 at 4:30pm.

Due to changes in the construction plans for the downtown core, the City of Brampton is accepting applications to host single-day Festivals in Garden Square. Between June 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018, the Square will be able to accommodate two (2) Festivals.

In 2018, the following dates are available:
  • June 2-3, 2018
  • June 10, 2018
  • July 29, 2018
  • September 8-9, 2018
  • September 15-16, 2018


Garden Square supports various kinds of pop-up cultural events throughout the year. These events are fun, creative, accessible, and do not require extensive technical support or set-up. Applications for pop-up events are reviewed and considered by City staff on an ongoing case by case basis, based on the availability of space and City resources. Applications are approved by Performing Arts Management.

The scope of a Pop-Up must conform to one of the three (3) types of activations listed below. City staff reserve the right to determine whether the scope of a proposed events exceeds the capacity of the Garden Square Pop-Up Program. Such events must apply to the Garden Square Festival Program at the next available deadline. Pop-Ups:

  • Can use up to three (3) 10’x10’ tents
  • Do not have the exclusive use of Garden Square; other activities and events may take place simultaneously
  • May include modest performances on the fountain stage only

There are three (3) types of Pop-Ups available. Full details of what is included in the package for each type of activation are listed in the 2018 Garden Square Pop-Up Fees Worksheet.

  • Ground: The Pop-Up – Ground includes the use of the Garden Square space. Facility equipment and use of screen for still images are also available.
  • Movie: The Pop-Up – Movie includes the use of the screen and all required support staff. Facility and technical equipment are also available.
  • Fountain: The Pop-Up – Fountain includes the use of the fountain stage, outdoor sound system, and all required support staff for a modest performance. Facility and technical equipment as well as use of screen are also available. This is the only stage option available for Pop-Ups.

Garden Square is in high demand and there is limited availability for pop-up events. Contact Garden Square in advance of submitting your application to discuss the availability of dates.


Questions about whether a permit for Garden Square is required for an activity:
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