Victoria Day

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Monday, May 18, 2020
All Day Event

Celebrate Victoria Day

The day is celebrated across Canada, honouring Queen Victoria's birthday. It is a day that traditionally involves family and community gathering and celebratory fireworks.

As weather warms up we can still get outside but remember to continue the practise of physical distancing. Your immediate family, who you share your home with, can plan an outdoor meal, bbq or picnic. Set up on the front lawn, wave to your neighbours, have a good time.
This is the first year Brampton is celebrating Victoria Day together. Our celebration includes family-friendly online activities, local foods offering contactless pick-up or delivery and a countdown at 7:50PM to virtual fireworks!
We encourage everyone to celebrate while practicing safe physical distancing and here are some ideas to get you started.
Hey Brampton, let’s eat!

Stay connected with your community while physically distancing by staying home this weekend and ordering from your local restaurants.
Create a dining experience – make it a different and memorable one – picnic on the front lawn, driveway or backyard or set a fancy kitchen or dining table. Reach out to family and friends virtually to join you. Be inspired - support each other while acting responsibly and following all physical distancing and gathering practices.
Or create the meal yourself.  Time to fire up that BBQ, create a lovely spring menu, update last summers favourites. It’s time!
Use #BramptonTogether in your social media posts to join the online festivities, with an opportunity to be featured on our webpage!


Rec At Home

Online activities abound and here are some great ways to spend the long weekend from the Rec at Home programs by the City of Brampton here.

Rec At Home - Balloon Hats

​Learn how to make balloon hats with Brampton Recreation! Click Here

Rec at Home – Chocolate Mug Cake

​Make cake in a mug with Brampton Recreation! Click Here

Rec at Home - Origami Hearts

​Learn how to make an origami heart with Brampton Recreation! Click Here

Rec at Home - Snake Bubbles

​Learn how to make snake bubbles with Brampton Recreation! Click Here

Rec At Home - Tie Dye Pillow

​Create a Tie Dye Pillow with Brampton Recreation! Click Here


Additional Information

​The City of Brampton has taken important health and safety measures in response to COVID-19. All public events scheduled at City facilities are cancelled until further notice. Community events taking place in City facilities will also be cancelled during this period. The City is following the advice of Public Health officials, and government restrictions on public gatherings. Find information on the City’s response to COVID-19 here.

Looking to help out? Local food banks are in urgent need of donations. Find information on how you can help here.


Victoria Day is one of four holidays a year when short-range fireworks are allowed on private property, without the need for a permit, in Brampton. Under the by-law, fireworks are also permitted on Canada Day, Diwali and New Year’s Eve.
Short-range fireworks are those that tend to travel less than three metres (10 feet) when set off (e.g. fountains, wheels, ground spinners, sparklers). All other rocket-type fireworks are banned in Brampton. The City reminds residents that fireworks are not permitted on the street, sidewalks, within City parks or on municipal or school properties.
  • When using short-range fireworks on private property, residents must follow these safety precautions:
  • Have a container of water or a hose line that’s filled with water available to extinguish fireworks
  • Never light a firework or hold a lit firework in your hand, other than a sparkler
  • Never throw or point fireworks at other people
  • After using sparklers, place them in a container of water to fully cool before disposal
  • Allow all fireworks to fully cool before disposal

Every year, fireworks vendors are required to undergo City training before they are licensed to sell fireworks. This year, no trainings were held and no licences were issued. If residents see fireworks being sold in stores or elsewhere in Brampton, they are asked to report to Service Brampton through the Brampton 311 mobile app, online, or by calling 311. Residents are also asked to contact Service Brampton if concerned about the use of prohibited fireworks, or public gatherings of more than five people due to COVID-19.


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