Christmas Market Vendors

​The City of Brampton is now accepting applications for food vendors interested in participating in our Winter Lights Christmas Market event. We are looking for dynamic, professional businesses who are environmentally conscious and either serve food products, sell pre-packaged food goods, or sell retail/consumer goods relative and appropriate to a Christmas themed market.

Eligibility and Selection Process

The City of Brampton is accepting applications for food vendors interested in participating in our Winter Lights & Christmas Market event. We are looking for dynamic, professional businesses who are environmentally conscious and serve food products relative to a Christmas themed market.

To be considered for inclusion, please read and complete all sections of this application and submit by email or mail by October 23rd, 2020 to:

Applications will be evaluated based on the services offered as they relate to the overall fit with the event as well as those who have environmentally friendly practices. The submission of an application form does not guarantee participation, as space is limited.  

Winter Lights Festival and the Christmas Market attract a diverse crowd of residents and visitors, therefore in order to maintain an atmosphere of respect and neutrality, we will not be accepting applications from religious organizations or political parties/campaigns of any type.

General Requirements for Successful Applicants

  1. Upon acceptance, fees and insurance documents must be submitted to the City no later than November 2nd, 2020. If your payment or insurance form is not received by this date, your spot will be offered to an alternate organization on the waiting list. All payments are non-refundable. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, fees will not be reimbursed.  
  2. Upon acceptance, food vendors will be required to provide notification to the Region of Peel Health Department and provide Propane TSSA Certification (If applicable) to the City.  
  3. Booth allocation is at the sole discretion of the City, based on the products offered as they relate to the overall fit with the event.  
  4. Vendors will be provided with one winterized 10’ x 10’ tent, heater, interior lighting, one 8’ table, and two chairs. ALL additional operating supplies including additional lighting, generators, water, additional tables, additional chairs, POS systems, etc. must be supplied by the individual vendor. No spikes or any other device may be put into the ground.  Any additional operating supply installation will be at the discretion of the event organizers. 
  5. Applicants are responsible for their own set-up and tear down, and must maintain a clean and organized area.  
  6. The applicant shall pay for all damages to the City arising from the use of the grounds by your artist/group.   
  7. The Event will run from: Friday November 20th 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Saturday November 21st 11:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and Sunday November 22nd 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. All booths/trucks will be required to stay open for the duration of these hours.  
  8. The following event timeline must be adhered to: 
    1. Friday November 20th 2020  
      2:30 PM   Arrival onsite & Set up begins  
      3:30 PM   Set up complete  
      4:00 PM   Event Begins 
      10:00 PM   Event Ends & Tear down begins 
      11:00 PM   Lock-up/Tear down complete  

      Saturday November 21st 2020  
      9:30 AM   Arrival onsite & Set up begins  
      10:30 AM   Set up complete  
      11:00 AM   Event Begins 
      11:00 PM   Event Ends & Tear down begins 
      12:00 AM  Lock-up/Tear down complete

      Sunday November 22nd 2020  
      9:30 AM   Arrival onsite & Set up begins  
      10:30 AM   Set up complete  
      11:00 AM   Event Begins 
      8:00 PM   Event Ends & Tear down begins 
      9:00 PM   Tear down complete  
  9. The use of any apparatus or mechanism for the amplification of sound, including live or recorded music is strictly prohibited.  
  10. The City reserves the right to decline an application that is in direct conflict with an event sponsor. Unless otherwise specified, the City does not guarantee that any applicant will be the sole provider of a specific service, and the City will not be responsible if more than one applicant provides the same service.  
  11. Unless approved by the City, no applicant shall sell or distribute glow products.  
  12. The City reserves the right to decline an application which is or would be contrary to any laws, regulations or city policies, or that is detrimental to the City’s public image.  
  13. The City reserves the right to cancel the permit without notice, should there be breach of these conditions and regulations, or should the Department be of the opinion that the premises are not being used for the purposes contained in the application. 

COVID-19 Protocol

  • Crowd controlled entrance and exit of the secured market area by a dedicated security guard
  • Physical distance markings of 6 feet between guests in standing areas
  • Physical distance markings for line-ups at vendor booths
  • Hand sanitization stations at entrance and exit of secured market area
  • Hand sanitizer provided to all vendors as part of standard booth equipment
  • Disinfectant spray OR wipes provided to all vendors as part of standard booth equipment


If accepted, successful applicants must agree to obtain commercial liability insurance with an inclusive limit of not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence for the event, to name the City of Brampton as an additional insured, and to supply proof of insurance to the City of Brampton.   

Note: proof of coverage must be submitted using the City of Brampton Certificate of Insurance Coverage form completed by your insurance broker. Insurance forms will be distributed to successful applicants upon acceptance.

The applicant acknowledges and agrees that neither the City of Brampton nor its staff will be responsible for any property damage or injury incurred by a person or persons, vehicle, equipment, or otherwise on site of the event.   

Should the successful applicant need to obtain single-day special event insurance, it can be purchased through the City’s Liability Insurance Program. Upon acceptance, the Event Liaison will provide details and rates.  

Any personal information collected by the City of Brampton is for the purpose of administering the Winter Lights & Christmas Market event, and such information is governed and protected pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.M-56.   

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