Sports Achievement Award

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Recognition will be given to those individuals or teams whose involvement in sport has had a significant impact at the Provincial, National or International level. For the purpose of this award, sports and fitness are defined as those activities requiring physical conditioning and/or refinement of motor skills so that competitive excellence may be achieved.


  1. An individual receiving an award must have been a resident of the City of Brampton during the time of their accomplishment.
  2. A team must operate as a Brampton organization. The majority of team members must be residents of the City of Brampton. If a team is selected for an award, non-resident team members may be recognized for their contributions. Brampton residents who compete as part of an International team will receive recognition.
  3. Team competitors will receive individual awards. Volunteer coaches, managers and team assistants are also eligible to receive an award.
  4. Individuals and teams must attain:
    • First place at a Provincial Championship; and/or
    • First, second or third place at a National Championship.
    • International competitors must 'qualify' to receive an award.
  5. The championships recognized for eligibility at the Provincial, National or International level will be those championships awarded by that sport’s governing body. Olympic competition qualifies. Regional, divisional, district, or academic championships do not qualify. Tournaments do not qualify.
  6. A Provincial or National award must be achieved through eliminations at successive levels. Only at the International level may an individual or team be appointed to advanced standing without qualifying at successive levels.


  • The Selection Committee reserves the right to acknowledge individuals or teams that have achieved outstanding results.
  • When multiple recognitions are awarded to an individual or team, the recipient(s) will receive one award that recognizes all achievements.
  • Brampton residents who are temporarily relocated outside of Brampton either because they are attending school, or, because of training for their sport, will also be considered for the awards.
  • The Selection Committee will rank individuals and the top three nominations will be forwarded to the Brampton Guardian for consideration for the Ken Giles Amateur Athlete of the Year Award.