The Citizens of the Year Awards recognizes Brampton volunteers who have demonstrated all-around community involvement rather than specific activity or contribution. This award is given to individuals who build communities and show what can be achieved with passion and determination. Presented to a youth, adult and senior citizen.


    1. Must be a resident of the City of Brampton
    2. Cannot be an elected official, a resident planning to run for municipal/regional council, or be staff of the City of Brampton
    3. Must be a current and active volunteer in the community
    4. Must present a positive image of the City of Brampton, can be viewed as a role model who consistently demonstrates responsible behaviour
    5. Has contributed to the enrichment of the social, cultural or civic life of the Brampton community
    6. Participates regularly in community projects
    7. Shows evidence of on-going leadership and dedication
  • A youth is considered 18 years of age and younger. An adult is considered to be 19 years of age and older. A senior is considered to be 65 years of age and older.
  • One individual will be selected in each of the Citizen of the Year Award categories.
  • The nomination form must be accompanied by a letter of no more than two (2) pages, detailing the recent or ongoing activities or contributions of the nominee in the City of Brampton. These activities should demonstrate all-round community involvement rather than a specific activity or contribution.
  • Contributions must be voluntary, but can be related to an individual’s expertise from training, work experience or education.
  • The individual has helped to improve the quality of life in Brampton and/or have made an impact on Brampton in arts and culture, sport or community projects.
  • Nominees should support the City of Brampton’s Strategic Plan in moving the City forward by building strong communities. The goals of strong communities include:
    • Celebrate citizens and create partnerships through arts, culture and social interaction
    • Create connected spaces in the heart of the city for people to live, work and play.
    • Support diversity and enable wellness through health and recreation
  • Nominees must have made a significant impact to be eligible.
  • Self-nominations and nominations of family members are not accepted.
  • Posthumous nominations will not be accepted.
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Please describe the nominee's service, achievement or contribution to the development of social services, sports or the arts as it relates to the City of Brampton. If nominating for a sports award, please list the exact name of the championship, division and award/title won, if order of dates achieved (if more than one), and qualifying details. If nominating a sports team, please provide a complete team roster, and indicate if each member is a Brampton resident.
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Only doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, avi, mkv, mp4, wmv file types are allowed.
Only doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, avi, mkv, mp4, wmv file types are allowed.
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