Recognition will be given to those individuals or groups whose exemplary achievements in the arts have advanced the development of their artistic discipline, positively impacted the community, and contributed to defining a unique, authentic and culturally vibrant identity for Brampton.
This award recognizes an individual artist or group in any arts discipline. This includes (but is not limited to): craft, dance, music, opera, theatre, visual and media arts, literature, multi and inter arts, and cultural industries, such as book and magazine publishing, digital media, film, television and sound recording.


Nominees must:

  1. Be currently residing in Brampton and actively working in the cultural industries or practicing their discipline.
  2. Have achieved within the past calendar year a major milestone or achievement in terms of artistic development and/or career success.
  3. Have a body of work that demonstrates exceptional artistic merit, expresses a strong creative voice and pushes the boundaries of their discipline.
  4. Enhance the local arts scene through the quality, topicality and impact of their work.
  5. Be a highly involved and positive member of the artistic and broader community in Brampton.
  6. Have a strong and well-recognized artistic profile that reflects well on Brampton and helps to define the city’s creative cultural identity.
  • Individuals or groups whose artistic expressions contain inappropriate material, propagate "hate" messages, make defamatory statements or that are otherwise extraordinarily offensive are also not eligible for this award.
  • Individuals or groups whose artistic expressions were commissioned by advertising, media and public relation companies are not eligible for this award.
  • For online media, nominees must have surpassed 50,000 subscribers or 50,000 views.
  • An individual receiving an award must have been a permanent resident of the City of Brampton during the time of their accomplishment. Artists temporarily located outside of the city many be nominated for this award.
  • If nominating a group, the group must have operated as a Brampton organization with the majority of the group members being Brampton residents. If this criterion is met, and the group is selected for an award, non-resident group members will also be recognized for their contributions.
  • Posthumous nominations will not be accepted
  • Brampton residents who are temporarily relocated outside of Brampton either because they are attending school, or because of training for their sport, will also be considered for the award
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Award Nominations
Please describe the nominee's service, achievement or contribution to the development of social services, sports or the arts as it relates to the City of Brampton. If nominating for a sports award, please list the exact name of the championship, division and award/title won, if order of dates achieved (if more than one), and qualifying details. If nominating a sports team, please provide a complete team roster, and indicate if each member is a Brampton resident.
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Only doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, avi, mkv, mp4, wmv file types are allowed.
Only doc, docx, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, avi, mkv, mp4, wmv file types are allowed.
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