Culture Days


Culture Days is a national celebration of the arts and culture in communities across Canada that unites people, creates lively spaces and instills civic pride on the last weekend of September, each year. It features hands-on, interactive activities and "behind-the-scenes" experiences where the public can discover the world of local artists, creators, curators and designers. 

The mission of Culture Days is to:

  • FOSTER appreciation and support of the artistic and cultural life that is lived, created and expressed across the country in urban, suburban and rural areas alike;
  • PROMOTE direct interaction between creators and citizens, as a key to increasing understanding and appreciation of art and culture; and
  • AFFIRM that every citizen is the guardian of the cultural life of his, her or their community. 

The 2018 programming theme is OnBeat - embracing rhythm as a universal cultural experience and drumming as an accessible art form.

For Creators and Cultural Groups:    

Registration of 2018 Culture Days activities is OPEN!  Click here to register your Brampton-based Culture Days activity on the national database and visit for a wide range of resources to help plan, promote, and evaluate your Culture Days activity or event.


Looking for FREE space to do a Culture Days activity or event? 

Brampton Library is currently accepting applications from artists, creators, and organizations who wish to be part of Culture Days and are looking for a free venue to host their work. 

​Click here to apply. Applications will be accepted until August 24, 2018
​Check back in September 2018 for a full listing of Culture Days events taking place in Brampton. Get involved, get connected and get OnBeat!