Promote Your Activity

​Register Your Activity

To be recognized as an official Culture Days Activity, your event must be registered on Activities not registered on the site will not be included in national, provincial or local promotion and marketing efforts.

Register on to:

  • Be discovered by new audiences! Have your activity appear when the public uses the activity or geo-locator search functions to find activities and plan their weekends.
  • Alert other Culture Days activity organizers that you are participating too – this will increase opportunities for collaboration and cross-promotion.
  • Take advantage of the social and electronic media promotional features built into each activity page. These features allow you to share your activity on Facebook, Twitter or email it to individuals.
  • Bring your activity to the attention of national and provincial/territorial organizing committees!
  • Share your story with the media! Media outlets search to find events to cover that are of interest to their audiences.

Enter Your Activity on Online Calendars

Take advantage of these free online tools to share your Culture Days Activity with the community. 
Additionally, you can contact the editors of local print and online news sources to pitch a story about your Culture Days Activity.

Share on Social Media

Reach a larger audience by using your social media platforms to create awareness for your Culture Days Activity and be sure to tag @CultureDays @ONCultureDays and @CultureBrampton.

You can also link your activity page through Facebook and Twitter. Copy and paste your Culture Days activity page and put it under the “links” section (on Facebook) and “website” section (on Twitter) to invite your friends. More people than you think check that part of your profile!

Communicate with Your Regular Followers and Customers

Don’t forget to let your supporters know about the amazing Culture Days Activity you have planned. Share the event in your newsletter and mailing lists, add it to your website, and promote with posters in your space. Also, word-of-mouth is always a sure-fire way to create a buzz.

Network and Collaborate

Connect with culture groups, arts organizations and other Activity Organizers in the community to increase your impact. By working together, you can reach a greater audience and maximize your promotional efforts.

Utilize the Culture Days Resources

Culture Days provides an incredible amount of tools to aid in the success of your event. Check out these resources that include Marketing Materials, and Public Relations Materials.