PIXEL Submissions

Call to Brampton Artists, Performers, Creatives or Art Collectives:

Pixel Exhibition

Project: PIXEL Digital Screen Exhibition in Garden Square

Exhibition Title: 'Summer of Love'
Fee Paid to Artist: $300 CAD
Submission Deadline: May 23, 2022

Have your work featured on the screen in Garden Square this summer as a part of the exhibition, ‘Summer of Love’! The Arts, Culture and Creative Industry Development Agency (ACCIDA) and Garden Square Brampton are thrilled to offer the unique opportunity for 20 local artists, creatives, or arts collectives to have their work featured on 24’ LED screen in Garden Square for select weeks this summer from June-September, 2022.

Every three weeks, a selection of five local artist will have their work featured daily with content running continuously from 11am-12pm and 4-5pm, with additional features across Garden Square, ACCIDA, City social media channels and potentially recreation screens across the city. Timing subject to change.​

About the Exhibition Theme:

The Summer of Love was a social phenomenon that occurred during the summer of 1967, when as many as 100,000 people, mostly young people who identified as hippies, gathered in San Francisco. The gathering encompassed celebrating new music, counterculture, anti-war, and the hope of building out a brave new world.

As we begin to gather again, recover, and reflect on global conflict, we want to bring this feeling and spirit forward, towards a new version of Brampton’s own Summer of Love. Themes to explore in your work could include: love and peace symbols, anti-war, spirituality and transcendence, playfulness and celebration, activism, and free spiritedness.

Submissions can include:​​

  • still images (digital art, photography, illustrations, paintings); or
  • moving images* (digital content, video art, short animations, GIFs, shorts) *Up to 1minute, can include audio

Artists are invited to explore their connection with digital technology and tools in their application. We welcome submissions across a variety of themes and ideas and in particular those that relate to the exhibition theme ‘Summer of Love.’ This unique opportunity is extended across all mediums and genres and strives to provide a showcase to a variety of Brampton artists, creatives, or arts collectives. For examples of what we imagine the presentation will look like, please see Appendix A at the end of this document.

Garden Square is a public square located at the Four Corners in Downtown Brampton (intersection of Queen and Main). As a public space, screen content including exhibit artwork may be seen by audiences including families and small children and the selection panel will, at its discretion, determine if material is not suitable.


Demographics Section (Voluntary)

ACCIDA is requesting the following information for the purposes of better understanding our community, to prioritize applications, as well as to program work and create policies that are inclusive. Please help us serve you better by selecting the best answers to these questions.

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Privacy Statement

Personal information is being collected under the authority of the Municipal Act. The information will only be used to communicate with you regarding your inquiry. Questions about this collection may be directed to Service Brampton by calling 311 (within Brampton city limits) or 905.874.2000 (outside city limits). Please review the City’s Privacy statement for more information.

​​Reserved Rights of the City of Brampton

The Artist will retain all right, title, and interest, including moral rights, to the submitted work. The Artist will provide to the City a broad irrevocable, paid-up, royalty-free, and otherwise cost-free license to use, publish, reproduce, adapt, exhibit, copy, and create derivative works for the submitted works, including the right to modify the size of the work submitted with respect to this opportunity.

The Artist understands that the City will keep any documents of any type, including images, submitted by the Artist in accordance with its record-keeping obligations as required by applicable statutes, regulations, and by-laws. The Artist represents and warrants that the Artist is the exclusive owner of the rights conveyed to the City and that the Artist has full power and authority to license the submitted work.

  • The Artist warrants and represents that the submitted work is original to the Artist and does not violate any intellectual property rights of any other person or entity contrary to the Copyright Act or otherwise provided at law.

Application Accessibility Support

Applicants who require additional resources, assistance or time to apply are welcome to request as such. Please request this assistance at least one week in advance of the submission deadline. To do so, or for additional information, please contact katherine.belshaw@brampton.ca​

Additional Information

For additional information or questions, please contact: Katy Belshaw, Programming Coordinator, Arts, Culture and Creative Industry Development Agency, katherine.belshaw@brampton.ca

Appendix A- Example Presentation Templates

All branding elements for PIXEL Digital Exhibit will be added by Garden Square’s graphic designers. These are preliminary examples of how artwork may appear on screen. For video files, a cover image will be added to not interfere with the formatting of the work.

Exhibit Sample OneExhibit Sample 2