Culture Master Plan


The City of Brampton has a new, ambitious, future-focused vision for culture in Brampton

Brampton is a city where boundaries between cultural activities and creative entrepreneurship are blurred; bold and unabashed artistic and entrepreneurial activities take place in the context of an interconnected creative ecology. This creative ecology not only produces high-quality artistic expression, but also youthful, cutting-edge, silo-busting creativity expressed in both formal and informal ways. 

Culture in Brampton is led by the creative community and supported by private and public sponsors. A crossroads of world cultures, Brampton is a place where experimentation thrives and where emerging forms of cultural expression are nurtured. With its energetic and experimental cultural scene, it is a place attractive to new residents, entrepreneurs, employers and visitors.

​​The Culture Master Plan is a foundational document for municipal cultural planning and service delivery in Brampton. It will enable the City to take full advantage of the opportunities for quality of life and economic development that a robust arts and culture sector can bring, will provide the City with a clear direction regarding its arts and cultural resources, and will contribute to the eventual realization of the Vision 2040 plan. It inspired by the incredible creative and artistic talent that is emerging from Brampton, and seeks to serve the next generation of artists and creators who will follow in their footsteps.

Through an extensive public consultation process to engage community input, research into the local arts and culture environment, and best pr​actices from around the country, the Culture Master Plan was developed under three themes:
  1. ​Supporting Success
  2. Developing a Community of Practice,  and 
  3. Building Brampton’s Identity. 

Under these objectives, the Plan outlines six goals with supporting strategies and actions:

Supporting Success


Leverage private and public sources to sustainably finance municipal programs, assets and services in Brampton; ensuring that resources and policies are in place to properly implement the Culture Master Plan.

Developing a Community of Practice


Strategically fund and build financial capacity with creators and cultural groups to drive innovation and collaboration and support a vibrant arts and culture scene in Brampton. 


Increase Brampton’s inventory of physical and digital space for creative presentation, production, participation, collaboration and innovation. Ensure these spaces are inclusive, accessible and support the connectivity of Brampton’s cultural ecology.

Talent Development

Establish Brampton as a viable place for creators to live, work and develop their talent. Connect the creative economy with the wider business community in Brampton to support capacity building and talent retention.

Building Brampton’s Identity

Production and Presentation

Facilitate meaningful exchange between diverse creators, groups and audiences that enrich the community and embrace cultural fusion and experimentation. Leverage presentation and production as vehicles for social cohesion and as contributors to the creation of a unique and distinctive identity for Brampton.


Cultivate strong lines of communication within Brampton’s creative community, market Brampton’s cultural products, and develop a reputation as a youthful, cutting-edge cultural hot spot on the world stage.
Brampton's arts and culture community boasts great potential, and provides great opportunity to take advantage of previously untapped areas of success. 

Cultural Services Division

This Culture Master Plan has been developed under the auspices of the City of Brampton’s Cultural Services Division. Cultural Services is mandated to pursue the vision identified in the Culture Master Plan by allocating the required resources and implementing the necessary actions to achieve its goals.​

The division operates according to the following guiding principles.

Visionary Thinking

We support Brampton’s 2040 Vision and the Economic Development Master Plan and work collaborati​vely to support the City’s strategic goals and objectives. All of our efforts are ultimately directed towards the achievement of this long-term vision of Brampton as it emerges as an international global city.​

A Belief in the Power of Arts & Culture

We think big and intentionally about arts and culture and its ability to transform communities, facilitate positive change, and build our collective narrative.​

Policy and Process

Our work is guided by strong and effective policies and process that enable service excellence and ensure accountability to the residents of Brampton. We view policy and process as a means to working more collaboratively and efficiently with our internal and external partners.​

Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and inclusion of people, cultures, thought, and art forms is at the heart of our work. We celebrate difference and recognize the role it has to play in fostering creativity and our success.​

Customer Service

We aim to be valued business partners to the arts, culture and creative community through the provision of resources, support and expertise. We inspire and improve quality of life in Brampton by providing access to top quality artistic, audience and visitor experiences.​​

Measuring and Monitoring

We are committed to setting clear measures for success and monitoring their achievement. We use these measures to enable strategic decision making and evaluate community benefit and return on investment.​