Culture Map Background & Definitions

What is a Culture Map?

It includes information categories such as: arts and culture businesses; community cultural organizations; artists, heritage buildings; public art; natural heritage. It also includes information about such things as restaurants, accommodations, shopping, and transit routes. This online resource is a new way for residents, visitors and businesses to explore arts and culture opportunities in the city, and for artists and creative enterprises to promote themselves

How does the City of Brampton define "Cultural Mapping"?

"Culture" has many meanings and interpretations. For the purpose of Brampton's Arts and Culture Map, culture refers to cultural industries including: literary, intellectual, performing and visual artists, educational institutions, heritage, etc. The map does not focus on religions, civilizations, or ethnicities, although artistic and cultural endeavours from many backgrounds may be included..

How are the categories defined?

The Map includes categories of information such as creative cultural industries, community cultural organizations, spaces and facilities, cultural heritage, natural heritage, festivals and events. General categories include:

  • Arts: These include commercial Artists and Performing Arts, Art Dealers, Visual Artists, Actors, Comedians and Other Performers, Writers and Authors, Theatre Companies, Musical and Opera Companies, Photographers, Dance Companies, Musical Groups and Artists, and Live Theatre.
  • Creative Cultural Occupations and Industries: These are businesses that make products with a core cultural component and include heritage, arts and culture classifications. They include but are not limited to:
      • Radio and Television Broadcasting, Commercial Galleries, Publishing Industries, Film/Video/Sound Recording, Marketing, Public Relations, Web and Software Design, Games, Libraries and Archives, Architects, Editors, Graphic Designers, Actors, Photographic Services, Music Publishers, Educational Services/Schools.
  • Community Cultural Organizations: Community Arts Organizations, Historical and Genealogical Societies, Aboriginal (arts and culture) Organizations, Multicultural (arts and culture) Organizations
  • Spaces and Facilities: Digital and Media Studies, Libraries and Archives, Design Studios, Theatres, Performing Arts Facilities, Museums, Art Galleries
  • Cultural Heritage: Buildings, Cemeteries, Historic Sites, Heritage Districts, Archeological Sites
  • Natural Heritage: Parks, Farms and Orchards, Conservation Authorities (can also include Botanical and Zoological Gardens. However, these features currently do not exist in Brampton)
  • Festivals and Events: Film Festivals, Multicultural Festivals, Performing and Visual Arts Festivals, Gallery and Studio Tours, Public Art Tours, Cultural Heritage Tours
  • Intangible Assets: Stories, Customs, Oral Traditions, Place Names, Ceremonies (refer to the Brampton Library and Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA))​

For further questions regarding the Arts & Culture Map, please refer to the FAQs by clicking here.