New Subdivision Tree Planting

New Subdivision TreesIn all new residential subdivisions within the City of Brampton, street trees are planted by either the Developer or the Builder in accordance with subdivision plans that have been approved by the City. These trees are intended to create a pleasant and healthy environment along our City’s streets.

Considerable effort goes into creating subdivision plans that offer the best placement of parks, walkways, trees and driveways, as well as the best mixture of trees in each community.

Street trees are usually planted in new subdivisions shortly after the lots are sodded. If lots were sodded in the fall, the street trees will probably be planted the next spring. If the lots are sodded in the spring, the street trees will probably be planted in the fall, weather permitting.

Trees are usually not planted during the hot and dry months of July and August.
Although street trees are planted within the City’s road allowance along the front of residential lots, the condition of each tree remains the responsibility of the developer or builder until the subdivision has been taken over by the City. A subdivision is usually assumed by the City after two to four years, once the developer or builder has completed all work required of them by the City. This means that if a tree dies within two years of being planted, it will be replaced by the developer or builder.

If a tree dies after two years of being planted, the City will replace it.


Paying for Street Trees

New home offers of purchase and sale may contain itemized charges for features covered in the City’s subdivision agreement. These features may include street trees, driveway paving, sodding, fencing, noise barriers, or gateway features. They may also be described in general terms, such as “community aesthetics enhancements”. Despite paying this charge, the purchaser may be left without a street tree at the lot in question. The City does not encourage this type of extra billing and has no control over vendors charging for street trees.

If you have questions with regard to new street trees, please contact the Planning, Design and Development Department.