Brampton Transit Facts

Our System

Brampton Transit is a pay-as-you-board transit system. Entry is by cash, PRESTO, or valid transfer. Exact fare is required on buses.

In 2005, we restructured our routes to a grid system to provide better service and lay the foundation for further growth – because Brampton is growing and so is our ridership!

In 2010, we launched our Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, Züm, along Queen Street. Main Street and Steeles Avenue Züm services launched in 2011 and 2012. 

Our Facilities

We have two facilities: the Clark Facility (185 Clark Boulevard) and the Sandalwood Facility (130 Sandalwood Parkway West). The Sandalwood Facility was built in 2008 to help address the rapid population growth in Brampton and the need for more transit services.  

Our Routes

We have 42 regular routes, including:

  • 3 BRT lines (Züm Queen Street, Züm Main Street and Züm Steeles Avenue)
  • 1 GO shuttle route - Route 92 Bramalea GO Shuttle
  • 36 accessible routes

Our busiest route is 501/501A Züm Queen.

Our Fleet

We have 327 buses (266 conventional buses and 61 Züm bus rapid transit buses). Of these, 311 of these buses are equipped with accessibility features.

Our Team

Brampton Transit has more than 850 employees.

Our Accessible Buses

We have 311 buses equipped with accessibility features on 36 of our routes:

  • Lift or ramp, kneeling feature at front doors
  • Blue international wheelchair symbol displayed on front passenger side
  • Two wheelchair/scooter areas

Our Passes

We offer a variety of transit passes for our riders:

  • Weekly & monthly passes are available on PRESTO cards 
  • Brampton Transit Senior Identification Card 
  • War Veteran Pass

Our Rider Guide

The Rider Guide is Brampton Transit’s official map for transit routes and information. It's free and available at the following locations: