Welcome to Summer 2014!


     We have a camp for everyone!

       Summer camp starts July 2nd, 2014. 
            Extended day care available



Adventure Camp 

Adventure Camps
Do you enjoy rock climbing, animals, archery, hiking, horseback riding or canoeing maybe one of these camps is for you!   
Sports Camps Sports, BMX/Skateboard Camps
Enjoy being active and competitive or do you just want to take part in a team sport...that's what sports camp is all about!  
 Leadership Camp Leadership Camps
Are you a leader or follower?  Learn how to utilize your disciplines, leadership skills, and self confidence.

preschool camp 

Preschool Camps
Introduce your child to an incredible array of enjoyable activities that will keep their mind and bodies busy.  
 Special Needs Camp Special Needs Camps 
Something for everyone...day trips, crafts games, sports, intro to cooking, the list goes on.

General Interest Camps 

General Interest Camps
If you're looking for something a little different, this is the place to look! 
 Watersports Camp Watersports Camp
Enjoy the water? Like canoe, play volleyball, swim, underwater hockey, or learn some life saving skills, these camps are for you! 

Preschool Camp 

Arts Camp 
Are you creative and enjoy dancing, film production, performing, drawing or painting, or perhaps you would like to just try something new!



 Summer Camp Information

expandSummer Camp Dates
Programs begin July 2, 2013 . Camps are cancelled on August 5, 2013.
expandSun Safety
Sunscreen is not provided by City of Brampton staff. Please make sure to supply your own camper with SPF 30 sunscreen and a hat every day. Our motto is SLIP, SLAP, SLOP: Slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and slop on the sunscreen.
expandLunch & Snacks
Campers should bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks as they will not be provided by the camp. Please pack items that do not need refrigeration. Remember to send extra water and please don’t pack nut products, as the City of Brampton camps have adopted a “nut-free” environment. Please be sure to avoid packing peanut butter sandwiches or snacks that contain peanut/nut products, such as granola bars.
expandGeneral Reminders
New participants to any of the programs designed for individuals with Special Needs will be contacted by phone to set up a “Pre-camp Visit” with one of our Special Needs staff to fully assess your child’s needs to ensure a successful camp experience.

Campers’ ages range from ages 3 to 20+. All 152 camps have their own age ranges, so please review each camp carefully.
All camp programs follow strict guidelines for medication administration. Please make prior arrangements with the Camp Directors for the participant’s specific needs.

School busing is available for day camp programs at Jim Archdekin, Snelgrove Recreation Centre and Loafer's Lake Recreation Centre.

Please refer to the bus stop listings on page 31 of the Spring & Summer 2012 Recreation Brochure. School busing is not available to any Extended Day Care Program or any integrated program running out of a recreation centre.

Wheelchair Accessible busing is available on a “first come, first served” basis. Please contact the Program Coordinator to make arrangements 905.846.2370. For the answers to any further questions please contact the Program Coordinator at your local recreation centre.
For the answers to any further questions please contact the Program Coordinator at your local recreation centre.
expandStaffing ratios, one-to-one support workers
Integrated and non-integrated special needs programs work with staffing ratios of two-to-one in children’s settings and three-to-one in teen and adult settings. Services for individuals with needs that require one-to-one supervision are available and can be arranged through the Recreation Department for an additional fee. Individuals requiring this service should identify their requirement for one-to-one support and pay the applicable surcharge at the time of registration.
Please note: If a participant requires additional support at school, support/assistance at home or in the community with basic needs such as dressing, toileting or feeding; has a tendency to exhibit aggressive behaviours; does not understand danger; has a physical developmental and/or learning disability that affects his/her communication, mobility, comprehension and/or socialization, he/she will require one-to-one support to participate in programs throughout the summer.
expandOur Staff
All our camp staff is trained in Standard First Aid/CPRC/AED, has had a Criminal Records Search completed, are chosen for their leadership skills, enthusiasm and creativity, are skilled in camp activities and attend extensive pre-camp training.
Make sure staff are aware of any allergies or medications your child has. It is strongly recommended that if possible campers take medication at home under supervision of a parent/guardian. Any campers that require emergency medication (i.e. Epi-Pen, insulin, inhalers) must have a signed Permission to Administer Medication form. All medication should be stored in its original container and is carried in a “fanny pack”. If a camper is carrying an Epi-Pen or inhaler, an additional Epi-Pen or inhaler must be provided to camp staff. Staff and the department are not responsible for lost or damaged medications.
expandCode of Conduct
Please inform us of any family or behavioural concerns. Our staff will make every effort to accommodate your child’s needs, however we reserve the right to withdraw your child from the program should their behaviour cause harm to themselves, participants, staff or property.
expandPeanut/Nut Alert
City of Brampton camps have adopted a “NUT FREE” policy. Please be sure to avoid packing peanut butter sandwiches and snacks that contain peanut/nut products, such as granola bars. Campers will need to provide their own lunch, snacks and beverages daily. 
expandCamp Dress
Please make sure you dress your child according to weather conditions. Make sure they are in comfortable play clothes and label all towels, bags and clothing. For your child’s comfort and protection, no open toed shoes and sunscreen and hats are mandatory. Staff and the department are not responsible for lost or stolen items brought to camp.
expandRain or Shine
All camps continue to operate during inclement weather. Please dress your child accordingly.
expandExtended Day Care
For a nominal fee, Extended Day Care is available at selected camps. Please contact your local recreation centre for more information.  

Bus transportation is provided for camps operating at Eldorado Park and the Brampton Wilderness Centre. Bus pick up begins at 7:30am and drop off begins at 4:15pm, dropping off in the reverse order of the bus routes. Please allow approximately 8 minutes per stop. Buses operate each day of the camp. Parents are required to be at pick up/drop off location 10 minutes ahead of the listed schedule. Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their children at the designated times and will be responsible for transportation should their child miss the bus. Any child under the age of 10 must have a parent or guardian at their bus stop to pick them up. Please see complete busing information on page 31 of the Spring/Summer 2012 Recreation Brochure.

NOTE: If you are choosing the bus option for your child, your registration must be done by mail, fax or in person. You cannot use the web or phone system.

In the interest of your child’s safety we are unable to provide a combination of both busing and personal transportation. You must choose one option when registering.

expandRegistration Information
There are approximately 1,216 camps offered throughout the City of Brampton during the 8 week summer period. There are 152 different camps, in 9 different categories, which run for one week at a time and in some cases two weeks at a time. Most of these camps are offered repeatedly during the 8 week summer, some every week.
Registering for Summer 2012 camps has already begun as of the release of the Spring/Summer Recreation Brochure. You can register using 5 different ways:
  • By Phone at 905.874.3388 with credit card. NOTE: you must obtain a Family PIN and Client Barcode prior to registering by IVR. You can obtain this by contacting 905.874.3399, expresssupport@brampton.ca or at your local recreation facility.
  • Online at www.brampton.ca with credit card. NOTE: you must obtain a Family PIN and Client Barcode prior to registering online
  • By Mail, with credit card and registration form at:
    City of Brampton
    Recreation Division
    Attn: Registrar
    2 Wellington Street West
    Brampton, Ontario  L6Y 4R2

    The registration form can be found on page 5 of the Spring/Summer 2012 Recreation Brochure, at recreation facilities around the City or online at www.brampton.ca .
  • By Fax at 905.874.2396 with credit card and the same registration form (credit card). NOTE: a fax received after 3pm Monday through Friday will be process on the next business day
  • In person at any registration location identified on page 8 of the recreation brochure (almost all City of Brampton facilities). Please check with your local facility for hours of operation. You may pay with cash, credit card, money order and debit in person. NOTE: If you are in a hurry you can leave your completed registration in the drop box provided and out staff will process the request later the same day. Do not leave cash unattended. Please note further that not all recreation centres have drop boxes.

Registration for camp programs will end the Thursday at 8:00pm previous to the camp start date for campers needing busing, and Friday at 2:00pm for all other campers.

NOTE: If you are choosing the bus option for your child, your registration must be done by mail, fax or in person. You cannot use the web or phone system.