Welcome to Summer 2015!


We have a camp for everyone!

Summer camp starts June 29th, 2015
Extended day care available

Adventure Camps
Do you enjoy rock climbing, animals, archery, hiking, horseback riding or canoeing maybe one of these camps is for you!

Arts Camp
Are you creative and enjoy dancing, film production, performing, drawing or painting, or perhaps you would like to just try something new! 

General Interest Camps
If you're looking for something a little different, this is the place to look!

Leadership Camps
Are you a leader or follower? Learn how to utilize your disciplines, leadership skills, and self confidence.

Preschool Camps
Introduce your child to an incredible array of enjoyable activities that will keep their mind and bodies busy.

Inclusive Camps
Something for everyone...day trips, crafts games, sports, intro to cooking, the list goes on.

Sports, BMX/Skateboard Camps
Enjoy being active and competitive or do you just want to take part in a team sport...that's what sports camp is all about!

Watersports Camp
Enjoy the water? Like canoe, play volleyball, swim, underwater hockey, or learn some life saving skills, these camps are for you!

Summer Camp Information

Inclusive Camp Information