Our Stations and Apparatus


 Vehicle Description

An aerial truck has the same capabilities as a pumper, except it is equipped with a hydraulically controlled, truck mounted ladder. Brampton's aerial trucks range from 75 foot ladders to 100 foot ladders. We also have one 95 foot platform aerial ladder.
Currently we have six front line aerial apparatus and two spare apparatus.
A pumper truck is equipped with a high pressure water pump and a supply of water. The pumpers main purpose is to provide water at an adequate pressure to fight fires. The water tank on each of our pumper trucks holds approximately 500 gallons of water. Pumpers are also equipped with various types and sizes of hose.
Brampton currently has six front line pumper trucks and two spare pumper trucks.
A squad, also known as a rescue pumper, has the same capabilities as the pumper except it carries additional heavy hydraulic extraction equipment. These specialized tools are used for auto extrication calls.
Brampton currently has four front line squad apparatus.