Automatic Vehicle Locator

Brampton’s Plows Go High-Tech with AVL

The City of Brampton uses an equipment tracking system called the Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) for over 150 pieces of its snow maintenance equipment. An AVL system consists of a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver which communicates in real-time from the vehicle to a computer web browser. Dispatchers immediately receive highly detailed and accurate information about the vehicle, such as its location and speed.


AVL Diagram 

Advantages of AVL Tracking

Dispatchers can monitor the progress of snow removal operations during the snowfall and re-deploy equipment to meet changing weather conditions. If an emergency occurs, dispatchers will know exactly which operators and equipment are able to respond first. AVL also stores incoming data for historical purposes, allowing supervisors to better plan for future storms.


AVL is not currently available for public viewing. However, Public Works has a wealth of snow information online at​​​​​​​