About Our Winter Operations

Snow PlowSnow Plowing/Removal

The City of Brampton is responsible for servicing City-owned roads. In addition to plowing, we remove snow from Brampton Transit bus stops, bridge deck sidewalks, school crossings, walkways and when necessary, from the centre of courts. For more detailed information on our plowing operations, see our Levels of Service.


Before a winter event, road crews may apply a liquid salt brine mixture to the primary roads to keep snow and ice from building up and sticking to the road. Anti-icing makes the roads easier to plow and may also reduce the need to use additional salt.


Salt is an effective material for controlling snow and ice on roads. When warning of a snowfall or icing is received, major arterial roads are anti-iced to prevent ice and snow from sticking to the roads. When using granular salt, it is placed on a narrow strip in the centre of the road and vehicular traffic will help to effectively work the salt towards the road edge. The combination of vehicular traffic, snow, ice and salt creates salt brine, which enables de-icing.

Quick Facts

Annually, work crews clear:

  • 3,858 lane kilometres of roads
  • 2,462 transit stops
  • 906 kilometres of designated sidewalks/walkways
  • 172 school crossing locations  
  • 62 recreation centre and City parking lots