Franceschini Drive Bridge - At Hwy 410

Last Updated: Tuesday, Apr 17 2018, 11:48
Project: Bridge Rehabilitation
Status: Under Construction

Project Description

This project involves the rehabilitation of the Franceschini Drive Bridge over Highway 410 and involves the construction of new asphalt trail on both east and west end of the Bridge as per Drawing L511. The existing bridge is an abandoned road bridge and will be converted to a pedestrian bridge with the modification of the existing railing systems, providing light poles and lights for the pedestrians, etc.

Part A: Bridge Rehabilitation includes:

  • Removal and replacement of the existing wearing surface and waterproofing systems
  • Removal of paint and graffiti from the parapet walls and abutments (if applicable), existing railings, etc.
  • Providing textured/colored asphalt decorative surface
  • Patch repairing of the deck concrete (if any)
  • Installation of the lighting system
  • Deck joint assemblies modifications and replacing of the joint seals at east and west expansion joints
  • Modifications of the north and south sides’ parapet walls, installation of the cover plates, and installing new railing systems.

Part B: Construction of a New Asphalt Trail includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Construction of the new asphalt approach trail on the east and west ends that leads to Franceschini Drive Bridge over Highway 410 including one 450mm diameter pipe culvert installation on the East trail. Clearing and grubbing, excavation, demolition (if any), installation of drainage pipe culvert, chain link fencing and gates (Provisional), removals, site preparation and complete construction of the trails including all site works and electrical components
  • Installation of walkway lighting and eco counter, etc.

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