National Public Works Week 2009 Celebrations

In 2009, Brampton's Works & Transportation Department celebrated its commitment to "Revitalize, Reinvest, & Renew" the City with fellow staff, politicians and Brampton residents.

Bridge Building Contest

  • Bridge Building ContestGrade 7 & 8 students from Brampton elementary schools participated in the Bridge Building Contest.
  • Students were challenged to build a bridge that spanned 50 cm that could hold the most weight. Students could only use 100 Popsicle sticks and white craft glue.

Spring Fling Mighty Machines Display 

  • Mighty Machines DisplayWorks and Transportation participated in the Spring Fling event held in Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park.
  • Equipment displays included excavators, backhoes, street sweepers and dump trucks.
  • The operators demonstrated their skills and expertise, showing residents how the excavator and backhoe can perform difficult tasks.

Sandalwood Transit Facility Tours 

  • Transit Facility ToursBrampton Transit opened its doors to the public, offering tours of their new Sandalwood Parkway garage.
  • Transit staff showed groups of school children and the public around the state-of-the-art facility.
  • Tour groups learned about the functions of the call centre, the environmental measures put in place to reduce emissions, and the many new technologies being implemented to improve operations.

National Public Works Week Urban Challenge 

  • Urban ChallengeTeams of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts navigated their way throughout the City using the Brampton Transit system while collecting trivia answers related to public works.
  • Eight locations were designated as “Urban Challenge Checkpoints” and had the answers to the trivia questions hidden at the location.
  • The winning team was awarded a $100 gift certificate for camping gear.

Backhoe Competition 

  • Backhoe CompetitionFifteen participants had to complete three challenging tasks with a Caterpillar loader/backhoe.
  • All of the participants displayed great knowledge and professionalism, while gaining a new appreciation for the challenges of the tasks.

Commissioner's Challenge 

  • Commisioner's ChallengeWorks & Transportation Commissioner Tom Mulligan issued a challenge to his fellow Commissioners to participate in a friendly relay.
  • Six teams pushed wheelbarrows around Gage Park while speed walking to various stations.
  • The challenge promoted departmental teamwork through public works activities.