Homeowners Responsibilities

The Minimum Maintenance By-Law prescribes the standards of maintenance and safety that applies to all properties located within the City of Brampton.

As a property owner you are responsible for ensuring your property is properly maintained and free of any hazardous conditions.

Routine yard work:

  • Abandoned, inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicles are not permitted on any property. 
  • Dead, decayed or damaged trees must be removed.  Keep trees and hedges maintained to avoid overgrowth that may affect safety, visibility or passage of general public.
  • Firewood, building materials, garden equipment, etc., must be stored neatly in your back yard not visible from the street.
  • Accumulation of refuse, debris or junk is not permitted.
  • Grass and weeds must be maintained regularly to avoid excessive growth of more than 20 centimetres (8 inches). 
  • Clean up and remove domestic animal excrement
  • Maintain decks and fences
  • Remove any standing water
  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks

Routine home repairs:

  • Undertake regular maintenance including repairs to the roof, walls, windows, doors, peeling paint etc. Ensure that your home is good working order and is protected from the elements (example: painting, weatherproofing).

Tenant issues:

  • First, notify the landlord in writing of your concern(s) in order to allow the landlord the opportunity to address the maintenance issue.
  • Second, if the landlord does not address your concern(s) adequately, register a complaint with the City

Remember to CALL the City (Zoning Dept.) 905-874-2090 before you:

      • Widen your driveway
      • Build an addition, a deck, a shed, a fence or attach any structure to your home
      • Install a pool, spa, hot tub or artificial pond

Please contact the Parks Maintenance and Operations Department at 905-874-2906 before you:

  • Cut down a tree