Environmental Master Plan

Water in its many forms – rain, sleet or snow – that ultimately runs on the surface or through the ground – is a precious resource and critical to sustaining life, creating a healthy community and protecting the natural ecosystem. Water that falls into and flows through Brampton must be protected, conserved and managed – from its natural or manmade sources until it reaches Lake Ontario.  Whether the water runs over our lawns or down our City streets, it will eventually find its way into the streams and rivers that cross Brampton, and provide habitat and a source of water for a host of animals and plants. 

Water CycleAll of Brampton’s streams and rivers flow down to Lake Ontario, and this water is recycled through the Region of Peel’s water treatment plants and circulated back to Brampton residents to be used as drinking water or to water our lawns and gardens. The quality and quantity of water in our local streams and rivers reflects the everyday actions taken by the City and its residents – from how the City designs its streets and storm drainage system, to how residents maintain their yards.

The City, in partnership with the Region of Peel and the Conservation Authorities, is undertaking many initiatives that support Brampton’s commitment to improving the quality and quantity of water in our local streams, rivers and lakes.