Brampton Valleys Re-naturalization Planting Program

The Brampton Valleys Re-naturalization Planting Program is a 10-year planting program designed to restore indigenous plant communities in the City’s valley lands which have been denuded of native forest and other vegetation by past agricultural practices and development. The new plantings will, over time, restore the vegetation in these valleys to their pre-agricultural state.

Since the city-wide planting program began in 2002, approximately 280 acres of valley land in Brampton have been replanted.

At the end of the 10-year program, 24,000 native trees, 200,000 native shrubs and 100,000 native perennials have been planted in these valley lands, dramatically improving the valleys ecological value by introducing new wildlife habitat and improving fish habitat by stream cooling and flood plain stabilization.

The social benefits of the program are also significant as the new plantings add to the attractiveness of these valley lands, promoting casual use of the valleys by hikers, naturalists and community groups.

The first five program phases were implemented in the Fletcher’s Creek watershed and five phases have been allocated to the Humber River tributaries.


McLaughlin Road Valley Naturalization Project

Before Re-Planting                                3 Years after Re-Planting

Before Re-Planting3 Years After Re-Planting