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Emergency Preparedness Tips

Chemical Spill

Even though our society is vastly protected through much law concerning the management, housing, and transportation of hazardous goods, there always exist a chance that the community may be adversely exposed after a spill incident. 


The cleanup of a chemical spill should only be done by knowledgeable and experienced personnel. 




  • Seek shelter or an area away from the odours.  Some chemical odours deaden your sense of smell, so just because you can no longer smell the odours do not mean you are not being exposed.
  • If outside, make a makeshift mask by placing a towel or similar item snugly over the nose and mouth until indoors or away from the chemicals.
  • If driving, be alert for a white or coloured cloud hugging the ground. Unless there are foggy conditions, this might be a chemical cloud.


  • Do not go near if there is a chemical spill or fire at an industrial facility.
  • Do not stand around and watch the emergency responders in action. Even the smoke from a house fire can be lethal.
  • Do not linger in the area if you smell strong chemical odours, or if the chemical fumes in the air irritate your eyes or make you cough