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 Environmental Neighbourhood...

expandIdeas for Making Your Neighbourhood Clean & Green

The Brampton Clean City Committee (BCCC), a committee of the City of Brampton Council, educates and promotes environmental awareness and organizes community cleanup campaigns. BCCC is a volunteer group that has the following objectives:

  • To foster environmental awareness and responsibility
  • To build neighbourhood and community pride, and a sense of ownership
  • To create opportunities for neighbourhoods to preserve their environment
  • To promote and coordinate opportunities to educate youth and adults about their environment

Please click here for information on Clean City Programs.

Note: While doing your Spring and/or Harvest Cleaning, another great way to recycle is to drop off your unwanted or outgrown clothes to one of the conveniently located Canadian Diabetes Association Drop off bins at the following Community Centres:

Canadian Diabetes Association Bin

• Brampton Soccer Centre
Cassie Campbell Community Centre
Century Gardens Recreation Centre
Chinguacousy Wellness Centre
Chris Gibson Recreation Centre
Central Public School
Earnscliffe Recreation Centre
Flower City Senior’s Centre
Greenbriar Recreation Centre
Howden Recreation Centre
Ken Giles Recreation Centre
Loafer ’s  Lake  Recreation  Centre
South  Fletcher ’s  Sportsplex
Terry Miller Recreation Centre

If you have any unwanted household items, please call (1-800-505-5525) or visit the Canadian Diabetes Association online. They will pick up your items or you can drop them off at “Value Village” and mention that this is a donation for the CDA and proceeds of the sales will go to them (which will save your items from ending up in a landfill).

expandAre you a "Street Champion"?

Why not host a street/block/condo clothing drive:

  • Let the Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline Program know when you are planning your event (1-800-505-5525)
  • They will provide the truck and personnel
  • Enlist the help of your neighbours
  • Make it fun and entertaining…set up games and/or music!

Hand out flyers:

  • Let your neighbours know you are a street champion in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Contact your local Clothesline Office to find out when a truck will be in your neighbourhood (1-800-505-5525)
  • Flyers can be obtained from your local Clothesline Office, just speak to a representative
  • Get the kids involved, all high school students in Peel Region require 40 community service hours…this is a great and easy way to make that happen
  • The CDA truck will pick up the donations from your neighbours homes

Organize a Community Garden:
The City of Brampton supports Community with programs such as “Community Gardens”.  A Community Garden can help bring residents together for a common purpose, as well as providing freshly grown food to local food banks. We are in the process of developing our Community Gardens procedures, but in the meantime, please refer to the  “Plant  a  Row …Grow  a  Row ”  website.


 Friendly Neighbourhood...

expandHow to organize a street/block party

The following information explains the process of hosting a street/block party in the City of Brampton. Building community spirit builds pride amongst your neighbours and getting people involved in an event makes for stronger neighbourhood ties. The information may change at any time; therefore it is highly recommended that you contact the City of Brampton and/or Brampton Safe City Association to confirm all information prior to applying for a permit.  Click here to access the applications regarding road closures and permits…

Things you will need:

  • Enlist the help of your neighbours – Planning a party for many people requires a lot of time and energy that can be shared among several people.
  • Entertainment –Once again enlist the help of your neighbours for things they already own such as basketball hoops, street hockey, trampolines, etc.  Fun things like dunking booths, face painters and clowns are always a great big hit!
  • Food - Make it a potluck and/or BBQ! Tell neighbours to bring their favourite dish or their BBQ’s and split up the food costs amongst the players. You can also host competitions like chili or pie cook-offs where neighbours can vote for their favourites!  Brampton is very multicultural, and people love to show off their favourite dishes…so why not try an international pot luck?
  • Invitations/Flyers – Distribute flyers to your neighbours. As a suggestion, have each neighbour hand the flyers out to their side of the street and act as the contact person for any questions regarding the party. Or, leave flyers or invitations in your neighbours’ mailboxes with your contact information.
For further information, please contact:
City of Brampton Community Development:  905-874-2828
Brampton Safe City: 905-793-5484
Works and Transportation: 905-874-2500
Bylaw Department:  905-458-3424
expandHow to organize a community garage sale
  • Signs are not actually permitted and will be taken down by the by-law department so please do not place the signs out until the day of your sale, and remove them immediately after.
  • Advertise your sale for free on online sites such as and/or
  • Put a small flyer in your neighbours’ mailboxes asking them if they’d like to join in
  • Permits are not required for sales on residential property.
  • Reduce/Reuse and Recycle…rather than throwing out your leftover items in the garbage that will ultimately end up in a landfill, why not drop your items off at the “Salvation Army”  “Goodwill” or donate to the Canadian Diabetes Association?
expandHave a festival/event in your local park

The City of Brampton staff assists potential event organizers in the planning of their events. By collecting and reviewing the general event information that has been provided by the applicant, staff can determine the suitability of City facilities. In the event there is no suitable facility, staff can assist by providing alternate event locations and key contact information.

For more information, please contact the Rentals Department:

Flower City Community Campus
8930 McLaughlin Road, Building E
Brampton, ON
Mailing Address:
2 Wellington St. West
Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2
Telephone: 905-874-BOOK (2665)
Fax: 905-874-2399


expandHow to create a "Nostalgic Drive-in Movie" experience
  • Setting the stage: Watching movies outside in the summertime is fun and nostalgic, but your technical skills are required to set up your home movie theatre equipment.
  • Screen: Create your own movie screen by using an inexpensive king size flat white bed sheet. Tack the top and bottom onto thin strips of wood. Drill holes in the top of the wood so that you hang it from the side of a house, garage, big vehicle or make a free standing frame. Renting a screen from an outdoor movie rental vendor is also an option.
  • Sound and Projection System: You will need a home theatre in a box system including speakers and a DVD player that is powerful enough to broadcast outside. You will also need a video projector to connect to the DVD player to project the movie.
  • Chairs: Ask everyone to bring their own chairs. Families can also bring blankets for young children to sit on.
  • Movie:  Select a movie that is suitable for all ages.  A family rated movie is the best (G/PG or 14A).  On site signage of the movie rating is recommended. 

Film classification categories: The Ontario Film Review Board (OFRB) classifies film according to age-appropriateness using the classification categories set out in regulations under the Film Classification Act, 2005. Click here to view the classification categories.

expandHow can you get a community rink in your neighbourhood?

The Parks and Recreation Department is seeking the support of the residents to operate and maintain a small neighbourhood rink in your local park. If you or your neighbours are interested in having a rink in your area, we invite you to:

  1. Establish an active rink committee of no less than five (5) adult volunteers.
  2. Work with the City of Brampton Parks & Recreation Department to build and maintain a natural ice rink.

The City of Brampton will contribute to the equipment supplies required for regular maintenance of the rink, including snow shovels, hoses and other supplies which are required to maintain your neighbourhood ice rink. We are in the process of developing our community rink procedures, however for more information please call 905-874-2316.


 Caring Neighbourhood...

expandHow do I create a Welcoming Neighbourhood for Newcomers?
Many newcomers arrive each year into our neighbourhoods bringing their experience and skills that will contribute to our economic growth and community development. Begin by saying hello and introducing yourself to your neighbours.  Ask questions, invite them for coffee, share your home cooked recipes, introduce them to other neighbours and tell them where to find the local recreation centre, library and things to see and do.  Encourage children to play together or walk together to school.
expandHow to volunteer in the City of Brampton

Interested in volunteering? The City of Brampton has a wide variety of areas for which we are looking for your help! To be a volunteer, there is a minimum age requirement of 14. Depending on the area you wish to volunteer, additional qualifications may apply.

Steps to become a volunteer

  1. Please print and complete volunteer application found on
  2. Hand in application to your local City of Brampton Recreation Facility
  3. Once Application is reviewed, you will be contacted via e-mail or by phone to attend an orientation
  4. Following completion of orientation, you will be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities available! Please contact or 905-874-2828 for more information. To Volunteer at Brampton Safe City Association, call 905-793-5484 or for more information.
expandTASSC - Teens Assisting Seniors Snow Clearing Program

This service endeavours to connect youth volunteers with senior residents to remove the snow and ice from Brampton’s neighbourhood sidewalks, thereby helping to ensure compliance with City By-law 242-76 (“The City of Brampton requires property owners and occupants to remove snow, ice and slush from their sidewalks by 11 a.m. the day after a snowfall”). The success of the program is dependent upon securing sufficient volunteers to perform the snow clearing service for the Seniors who have registered.  Youth will also gain volunteer hours that go towards their mandatory High School requirement of 40 hours.

It doesn’t just have to be “Teens” assisting…if you have an elderly or disabled neighbour that requires assistance, why not just be a friendly neighbour and help them out!

expandConnect with people in your neighbourhood

The saying “It takes a Village to raise a child” is true. Connect with neighbours, groups, community Police Stations, Community Centres, Schools, Churches and Community Health Centres. Start an initiative in your neighbourhood and get everyone involved. Make memories of your projects by taking pictures and sharing your good news stories.

Building stronger communities involves relating to people of different cultures, religions and Languages and disabilities. Bring together people from all walks of life for strong partnerships.

expandHow to involve youth
Youth are a large part of our community, and getting involved in neighbourhood events and programs will benefit everyone.  Opportunities or activities that engage youth should be interesting and are important for healthy neighbourhoods.  Youth build their knowledge and get experience from working with community members.  Youth also become more self confident and more experienced in leadership and job skills.   Encourage youth to join your group and focus on their strengths such as decision making in the planning of events and they may develop the social media plans.  Learning to work together with adults and peers while building leadership qualities contributes to community engagement and commitment skills.   Support diversity by including youth with disabilities or language barriers. Activities like this can develop their interests and engage them in their community. Youth may also want to get involved with Parents of young children.  This could involve youth leading children in sports or activities, walking them to school, community events or assisting in the care and entertainment of the children.

 Safe Neighbourhood...

expandStart or join a neighbourhood watch program

Neighbourhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program aimed at reducing and preventing crime in residential neighbourhoods. This program is part of a safe and secure lifestyle that is easy to organize and maintain.

To start or join Neighbourhood Watch in your area, contact Brampton Safe City Association at 905-793-5484, or through their website:

Crime prevention in your neighbourhood includes the design of homes, streets, walking paths, parks and public spaces to maximize safety.  This planning known as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) has been adopted by the City of Brampton and Brampton Safe City. This includes landscaping, lighting, positive use and view of public spaces, reduce entry and exits into your block.   Evaluate your own neighbourhood and encourage your neighbours in a Neighbourhood Watch program.

expandStart a "walk to school club" or a "walking club"
While you are busy enlisting the help of your neighbours for the block party, why not ask them about their schedule to check if anyone has the time each morning and/or afternoon to walk the neighbourhood kids to and from school. It’s a great way to get in some exercise, and while childhood obesity is on the rise, one way to help this problem is to get moving more!
expandPeel Safe and Active Routes to School (PSARTS):
Supports the implementation of walking to school programs in Peel schools. Supportive resources are available and can be integrated with the health, safety, physical education and environmental curriculum. Visit for more information and find out what trails and pathways exist in your neighbourhood…maybe it’s time to start riding your bike or walking to work?
expandOrganize a group or neighbourhood association
Join with your neighbours to build stronger ties by working together at a common goal.  Build a neighbourhood association creating a safer community. You and your community neighbours can get involved and discuss issues about social or recreational activities or events, volunteering, neighbourhood improvements, sharing information on crime prevention or rally together for any community cause. Simply talk to your neighbours and organize meetings or enlist the help of your neighbourhood Community Centre.
expandHow do I develop the community?
To address needs in neighbourhoods, community partners  such as municipal, regional and health and community services, community organizations, residents, and funders may work together to make plans to address gaps.  Increased collaboration between all of the above initiate action plans for a safer community.