Animal Adoption Services


Animal Services always has a variety of pets looking for good homes. You may view animals at the shelter during our adoption viewing hours or visit our Adopt-a-Pet website. During a visit to the shelter, you can interact with an animal and visit a staff member to learn more about the responsibilities of pet owners and the needs of a new pet. After you complete a short questionnaire, the pet may go home.


Cat Adoptions - $110.05
Dog Adoptions - $172
  • FVRCP vaccine
  • De-worming treatment
  • Microchip identification
  • Six weeks complimentary pet insurance
  • Lifetime registration tag
  • Free veterinary exam
  • If you adopt a kitten less than 12 weeks old, you will receive a $40 certificate towards veterinary costs for spaying or neutering the kitten.
  • DHPPC vaccine
  • De-worming treatment
  • Microchip identification
  • Lifetime licence
  • Free veterinary exam
  • $50 certificate when you adopt a dog redeemable if a veterinarian spays or neuters the dog by 42 days after the day you adopted the dog with documentation
  • “Training Your Adopted Dog”, which includes information and advice on obedience training and common issues such as crate training, house training, chewing, jumping and more.


Small Animals and Birds - $5 and up (Occasionally available)


Have you lost your pet?

  • Contact Brampton Animal Services at 905-458-5800, to find out if someone has picked up your pet or turned it in to the animal shelter.

  • Check animal shelters in neighbouring municipalities. Click here for a list of neighbouring animal shelters.

  • Leave a detailed description of your pet with the animal shelter staff.

  • Visit the shelter regularly to check our kennels for your pet.

  • Drop off a picture to assist staff in identifying your lost pet – this is especially important if you’ve lost a cat.

  • Check with your neighbours – many people take in lost pets for a few days before contacting Animal Services.

  • Ask your neighbours to check around and in garages and sheds and under decks for missing cats. Some indoor cats become disoriented, frightened and seek somewhere to hide.

  • Place lost notices in local newspapers, grocery stores and pet stores. Remember to check the “found” section of newspapers daily.

  • Identification is the only form of communication your lost or injured pet may have. Please make sure your pet is wearing a licence identification tag and see your veterinarian about microchipping.

  • If you find your lost pet, please let the animal shelter staff know so that we can stop looking and also keep our files up-to-date.

Have you found a pet?


  • Contact Brampton Animal Services at 905-458-5800, to see if anyone has reported a missing pet that matches the description of the animal you have found.
  • Leave a detailed description of the animal you have found with Animal Services.
  • Check with your neighbours who may recognize the animal from your area.
  • Take the animal to the animal shelter or local veterinarian to have it scanned for a microchip and checked for a tattoo.
  • If you find the owner of a pet that you found, please let the animal shelter staff know so that they can keep their files up-to-date.

Pet plan health insurance

We know how costly veterinary bills can be when your pet gets sick or has an accident. This is why we now offer six full weeks of free, no-obligation pet plan health insurance with all of our adoptions. The insurance will be activated upon adoption, and will not auto-renew. The insurance company will be in contact with you. The plan insures your pet for many common illnesses and accidents. Please call animal shelter staff at 905-458-5800 for more information.