Minor Charitable Donations

The City of Brampton’s Minor Charitable Donations Policy was developed to support special events planned by community groups and charitable groups in Brampton. Requests for cash, merchandise and in-kind contributions can be submitted to a maximum of $500, twice within a calendar year, per organization.



  • The City of Brampton may support community and charitable agencies providing services in the Brampton community.  They must be a not-for-profit and/or a charitable organization with supporting documentation.
  • Religious and political organizations and their affiliations are not eligible for a cash donation under this policy.  These organizations are, however, eligible for merchandise donations (i.e. City souvenir/promotional items) from the City of Brampton, not to exceed $200 in value.
  • A community group is not eligible for more than two donations per year in relation to this policy.
  • The policy is subject to funding availability in the designated account.

All donation requests must be in writing and received a minimum of 2 months before the scheduled event.  The organization requesting a contribution from the City of Brampton is required to submit a letter on official letterhead including the incorporation number of the organization.  All requests must be approved by the Commissioner of Economic Development and Corporate Communications.

Mara Ciccotelli
Economic Development and Corporate Communications
2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 4R2

Email: mara.ciccotelli@brampton.ca
Tel: 905.874.2145
TTY: 905.874.2130