Be Part of the Process

As part of being an open and accessible government, the City of Brampton encourages public participation in its decision-making process.  Help us make important decisions. Tell us what you think.  

Here are a few ways to get involved in City matters.


Attend public meetings. 

Notices of public meetings are published here.  

The Mayor, Councillors or City staff may host public meetings to share information about a topic of particular interest to the community and find out what the public thinks.    Public meetings and informal information sessions are also part of the development application review process.

Attend decision-making meetings of Council. 

Agendas are published here.

Council and its committee meetings are open to the public.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  For information about what to expect, refer to frequently asked questions below, or contact the City Clerk's office. 


 Frequently Asked Questions

expandWhat topics will be discussed at Council?
The topics will relate to local government responsibilities.  They are listed here, along with regional, provincial and federal responsibilities.
Much of the discussion actually happens in committees.  Council is the decision-making body that approves or rejects committee recommendations.  Membership and mandates of Council and its various committees provides further description of their roles.
Agendas are generally published on Friday afternoon, the week before a meeting.   They include links to any related staff reports.
Find published agendas from the calendar entry or the list of meetings.
expandHow are decisions made?

Council is the decision-making body that approves or rejects committee recommendations.  Meetings are conducted in accord with the rules of order in City’s Procedure By-law.

expandHow can I be part of the process?
Everyone is welcome to attend Council and committee meetings, and share their perspectives.  The calendar of meetings is published here, and the agendas are generally published on the Friday before each meeting. 
The City Clerk's Office will receive written comments about topics on an agenda and include them with the meeting material distributed to members.  Note that these comments become part of the public record of the meeting.

Requests to speak should also be submitted to the City Clerk. The process imposes certain deadlines.   Find out more here.

There are other ways to be involved, and some are suggested below.

expandHow do I get an opportunity to speak to Council?

​To request permission to speak at a meeting, submit a delegation form to the Clerk’s Office.  You will be contacted about scheduling. 
The general process is as follows:

  • The City Clerk will arrange for you to speak at a Committee of Council meeting.   At these committee meetings, Council hears from the public, asks questions, receives advice from staff and experts, discusses issues, and develops recommendations for approval at a regular Council meeting.  
  • At regular Council meetings, recommendations from the committees will be received and discussed. Council does not usually hear delegations directly.
expandWill Council accept a request to make an announcement?

An announcment request form is available to help you provide the City Clerk's Office with the relevant information.

You can complete it online and email it to


expandWhat is the deadline for being placed on an agenda?

​To speak about a topic that is not on a future meeting’s agenda …

  • Written notice is accepted until Tuesday, at 4:30 p.m., the week prior to a meeting. Please use the delegation form to provide the required information to the Clerk’s Office.
  • The Clerk's Office will contact you after the agenda published to confirm your item.

To speak about an item that appears on a published agenda…

  • Please contact the City Clerk's Office, preferably in writing, with your request to speak. 
  • City Clerk's Office staff maintains a list of requests (in the order of receipt) and provides the list to the Mayor or Chair prior to or at the start of the meeting. 
expandWhen is the next Council meeting?
Council generally the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.   Check the list of Council and committee meeting dates.
expandDo I have to register in order to attend a meeting?
Council and its committees are open to the public and you do not have to register.
If you attend a statutory public meeting on a Planning matter, you will be asked to provide contact information for follow-up.
expandIf I am unable to attend, how will I know what took place at a meeting?
You can watch Council meetings on Rogers TV (Cable 10) or Rogers Video - or you can read the minutes of both Council and committee meetings online, after they are approved by Council. 

Other ways to be involved

Learn more about City matters.

City news releases and publications are available here.  
Council meetings are broadcast on Rogers TV (Cable 10) and available on Rogers Video.

Citizen advisory committees

Council creates advisory committees and appoints the members from the community. When there are vacant positions to be filled by Council appointments, the City Clerk publishes a public notice inviting residents of Brampton who are Canadian citizens and 18 years of age or older to apply.

Participate in elections. 

The next municipal election is October 27, 2014. Find out how you can get involved here.  


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