About Us

Brampton Fire and Emergency Services (BFES) serves the residents of Brampton with a combined full-time staff of 426 personnel. We operate thirteen full-time fire stations throughout the City.

We serve an area of 265 square kilometres. (102 sq. mi.) consisting of residential, commercial, industrial, high rise, parkland and rural areas. We also serve several major highways.

We respond not only to fires, but also to medical emergencies, transportation accidents, industrial accidents, hazardous materials incidents, rescues and a wide range of other life-threatening emergencies. We also help anyone who needs help.

We also offer fire prevention and public education. This is generally the responsibility of the respective divisions, but every member of the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services is involved, to some degree, in this initiative.

We pride ourselves on our many past accomplishments as well as a co-operative labour atmosphere, visionary leadership, and a general overall standard of excellence which keeps BFES at the forefront of Fire Service innovation and operation.

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