Accessibility For LifeAccessibility Technical Standards

The development process for the City of Brampton Accessibility Technical Standards began in 2003 with the Ontarians With Disabilities Act  (ODA) Staff Committee and the creation of a Technical Sub-Committee.  Staff members from all seven City departments and the Brampton Library worked together on these Committees to create a set of standards designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities, with emphasis on the needs of people with disabilities.  

Based on the City of London Facility Design Standards, adopted by that City in 2001, the City of Brampton Accessibility Technical Standards grew and became a tool for the City to use to prevent the creation of new barriers and to reduce and remove existing barriers for people with disabilities.  With the commitment from City Council, staff and the Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Accessibility Technical Standards were adopted in November 2005.

The Accessibility Technical Standards will be used to respond to the design, development and construction of new facilities and the retrofit and renovation of existing facilities that are owned, operated and leased by the City.  In keeping with Brampton’s commitment to accessibility, the Accessibility Technical Standards will ensure that people of all ages and abilities enjoy the same opportunities as they live, work, visit and play in the City of Brampton.

For more information or to request additional or alternative format copies of the City of Brampton Accessibility Technical Standards, please contact:

Wendy Goss, Accessibility Coordinator
City of Brampton, City Clerk’s Office
2 Wellington Street West,
Brampton, ON Canada, L6Y 4R2
Voice: 905-874-2184   FAX: 905-874-2119  TTY: 905-874-2130