Accessibility for the Future

The City of Brampton is actively developing innovative approaches to address accessibility issues. Great strides have been made to reduce and remove existing barriers and to make sure no new barriers are created.

Brampton City Council has confirmed its continued and ongoing commitment to ensure people of all ages and abilities enjoy the same opportunities.

The 2009 priorities include:

  1. Alternative telecommunications system for people with hearing impairments
  2. Accessible parking space and parking permit training
  3. Accessibility awards and recognition program
  4. Promotion and awareness of invisible disabilities
  5. Staff review of proposed Provincial Accessibility Standards
  6. Accessibility input for Downtown Strategy
  7. Use of alternate methods of accessible transportation on City-owned pedestrian links
  8. Emergency accessible facilities and services guide
  9. Assistive device standards
  10. Develop and implement a corporate Accessible Customer Service Policy and related staff training

For detailed information regarding these priorities, please refer to the 2013 – 2017 Municipal Accessibility Plan