2011 Census Bulletin 1 - Population and Dwelling Counts

Brampton is the 9th largest city in Canada; 4th largest in Ontario and 3rd largest within the Greater Toronto Area.
The 2011 Census counted a total population of 523,911 in Brampton, an increase of 20.8% or 90,105 persons from the 2006 Census (see Table 1). Brampton had the 2nd highest growth rate among Canada’s 50 largest cities.
At 90,105 Brampton had the 3rd largest net increase in population among Canada’s largest cities.
Brampton’s population density was 1,967.1 persons per square kilometre in 2011, up 20.94% from 1,626.5 reported in the 2006 Census (see Table 2).
There were a total of 154,663 private dwellings in 2011, up 18.24% or 23,860 dwellings from the 2006 Census (see Table 3).

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2011 Census Bulletin 3 - Families households and marital status - Structural type of dwelling and collectives

In 2011 Brampton had a total population of 523,911 , an increase of 20.8% from the 2006 Census. Brampton ranked 2nd in population growth between 2006 and 2011 when compared to other municipalities greater than 100,000. At 34.7, Brampton had the lowest median age among Canada’s largest cities. The average number of persons per household in Brampton was 3.5 in 2011 and average number of children per household remained the same in 2011 at 1.4.

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2011 Census Bulletin #2 - Age and Sex

Bulletin Highlights

  • Brampton's 2011 Median Age: 34.7 (lowest median age of Canada's largest cities).
  • Brampton's gender split was 49.38% male and 50.62% female.
  • 28.3% of Brampton's population was 19 years and younger and 9.06% of population was 65 years and older.