February 2013 Spotlight

Client Name: Jacob Farjou
Business Name: Dynasty Training
Address: 21 Nectarine Cres.
Phone: (905) 783-31776
Website: www.dynastytraining.com
Email: Jacob@dynastytraining.com
Facebook page: dynastytrainingnow

Dynasty Training has begun to expand its services to special populations. These special populations include those individuals who are suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. The service takes into consideration individualized exercise prescription based on a series of preliminary testing. This is a service that is much needed in the aging population, yet is very delicate and requires extreme attention to detail. The end result of this type of program is limiting the chance of cardiovascular disease with a preventative measure as well as helping those recover from a previous cardiac episode. Helping individuals lead a healthier life by educating them on the necessary lifestyle changes they need to modify is the main outcome. Exercise is the best medicine and everyone deserves a healthy dose regardless of their fitness level.
Dynasty Training started back in the summer of 2013 with the help of SBEC. SBEC was able to provide me and my business with the necessary business knowledge to be successful in growing and expanding my company. One of the most useful resource offered that I utilized through SBEC was the ability and skill to network and connect with professionals within Brampton. Jennifer was able to connect me with a variety of individuals and events to help promote myself which was important for a young entrepreneur looking for a start. In addition to the connections and networking, SBEC provided me with a business sense, something I was not too familiar with. I had spent the past five years in post-secondary institutions learning the skills I need for my profession but I did not have the business sense needed to be successful. I can now say that I have not only the skill, but the confidence needed to maximize any opportunity that presents itself. I am grateful for all that SBEC has done for me and would encourage anyone looking for business advice to head over and give their office a visit.