Brampton Parkland Dedication By-law, 2013

The Brampton Parkland Dedication By-law is the principle means by which the City of Brampton acquires parkland and other forms of open space. The by-law sets out parkland dedication requirements for new development. Requirements are satisfied through:

  • The conveyance of land for parks purposes, and/or
  • Through the payment of cash in lieu of land (CIL)​

Parkland Dedication By-law Review (2008-2013):

In December 2008, the Planning, Design and Development Committee directed staff to initiate a formal review of the Parkland Dedication By-law. Phase 1 of the review was completed in March 2012 and among the recommendations Council endorsed was an update to the land values used in the calculation of CIL. 

Phase 2 of the review was completed in the fall of 2013.

At the September 9, 2013 Planning Design and Development Committee meeting, Council considered and endorsed the recommendations found in a Recommendation Report which sought to amend the Official Plan to give authority to enact the draft Brampton Parkland Dedication By-law, 2013. No formal external comments were received on the draft OPA.

Pursuant to the September 9, 2013 Report, staff prepared a final Recommendation Report for Council’s consideration at its meeting of October 23, 2013. A link to the report on the Council agenda can be found here.

Council endorsed the recommendations in the report, and approved the OPA and the Brampton Parkland Dedication By-law, 2013.  The new by-law is in effect as of October 23, 2013.
Staff are continuing to work with stakeholders (represented by BILD) in the finalization of the draft plan of subdivision conditions and Subdivision Agreement clauses (appended to the report to Council) to ensure a seamless implementation of the new by-law. Staff will also work, in the months to come, on an expanded Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), intended to provide standardization to the methodology by which  parkland dedication and CIL calculations are made.

Annual Update to City-wide Land Values (January 2014)

Per the 2013 By-law, staff commissioned a land valuation appraisal exercise to update the City-wide land values that will be used in the calculation of CIL payable for those applications that are processed under S 51.1 or 53 of the Planning Act. See Section 7 a) and b) of the by-law. The new values for 2014 can be found here.
Any questions pertaining to the by-law or its administration can be directed to the Parks Planning and Development Section in the Planning & Infrastructure Services Department at (905) 874-3954. Questions pertaining to cash-in-lieu of parkland (CIL) calculations can be directed to the Realty Services Section in the Public Services Department at (905) 874-2131.

Comments can be directed c/o John Spencer at