Central Area Zoning


Zoning of lands within the Central Area is governed by the City’s Comprehensive By-law 270-2004. 

The Central Area Planning Group passed two by-laws in 2006 update the City by-law for the historic commercial core and a portion of Queen Street East from Centre to Highway 410. 

By-law 266-2006, which covered the historic downtown, set in place new built form standards and desired uses, based on the recommendations of the Downtown Urban Design Study.  The background urban design study for the Downtown Brampton Zoning By-law (By-law 266-2006) can be found here.

By-law 267-2006 (as amended and approved at the OMB), removed certain land uses along Queen Street East that were not seen as suitable to achieving the long-term objectives for the transformation of Queen Street East. 

The provisions for both these by-laws are consolidated into the City’s comprehensive zoning by-law found here.

Current Reviews

Current ongoing reviews that will result in zoning amendments include: