Census Bulletins

The official Census of Canada takes place every five years. Conducted by Statistics Canada, it provides a snapshot of our country and its people.

The last official census was conducted on May 2016. This data helps to obtain a snapshot of Brampton and the thriving community it has become.

The following is information from the Census as it relates to the City of Brampton and the people who live here. 

Statistics Canada releases Census data in seven parts. A Census Bulletin highlighting the results with respect to Brampton is prepared immediately following the release.


2016 Census Program release schedule


2011 Census

2011 Census Bulletin 1 Population and Dwelling Counts

2011 Census Bulletin 2 Age and Sex.pdf

2011 Census Bulletin 3 - Families households and marital status Structural type of dwelling and collectives.pdf

2011 Census Bulletin 4 - Language.pdf

2011 NHS Bulletin 1 - Immigration, Citizenship, Ethnic origin, etc.pdf

2011 National Household Survey Bulletin 3 - Income, Earnings, Housing and Shelter Cost.pdf

2011 NHS Bulletin 2 - Labour, Education, Place of work, Commuting to work, Mobility etc.pdf