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EDO Chief & Director
Dennis Cutajar - Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 905-874-2698

Sohail Saeed - Director Economic Development & Tourism
Phone: 905-874-3849

Jessica Hale- Administrative Assistant to Director
Phone: 905-874-5104

Business Development and Marketing
Nancy Johnston - Manager, Business Development and Marketing
Phone: 905-874-3375

Andrea Thomson - Marketing Co-ordinator, Business Development & Marketing
Phone: 905-874-2649

Mark Burns - Business Development Co-ordinator - ICI, Business Development & Marketing
Phone: 905-874-5250

Amanda Leard - Special Projects Co-ordinator, Business Development & Marketing
Phone: 905-874-2654

Business Information & Competitive Policy
Jeffrey Baines - Manager, Business Information & Competitive Policy
Phone: 905-874-2660

Daniel Bishun - Co-ordinator, Business Information & Competitive Policy
Phone: 905-874-2004 - Email: edo@brampton.ca

Tyson Ma - Market Analyst, Business Information & Competitive Policy
Phone: 905-874-3903

Creative Economy
Kelly Stahl - Senior Advisor, HACE Creative Economy
Phone: 905-874-5941
International Business Development and Marketing

Cassandra Baccardax - Senior Advisor, International Investment
Phone: 905-874-3693

Tourism and Film Services
Sharon Wilcox - Manager, Tourism and Film Services 
Phone: 905-874-2664

Michael Ciuffini - Specialist, Tourism and Film Services
Phone: 905-874-3361


Brampton Entrepreneur Centre
Denise McClure Manager, Entrepreneurial Services
Phone: 905-874-2667

Jennifer Vivian - Business Advisor
Phone: 905-874-3630

Lisa Rossetti - Business Assistant
Phone: 905-874-2632

Vacant - Youth Entrepreneurship Representative
Phone: 905-874-5936

Roshani Canagarajah - Assistant, Youth Entrepreneurship
Phone: 905-874-2485

Prince Khan - Business Representative


Office of the Central Area
Phone: 905-874-2864