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Office of the Central Area Business Planning Workshop Wednesday May 27, 2015

Th​e Office of the Central Area is hosting a workshop on Wednesday May 27, 2015 between 6:30pm and 9:00pm. The meeting will be taking place at 41 George Street South in the City Hall West Tower Boardroom WT-2C.

The workshop has been organized to engage with the businesses in the Downtown and Central Area to understand their issues and build a shared vision with them.

In March of this year, City Council approved the mandate and the vision of the Office of the Central Area. The Office has been established to provide a one-stop for businesses in the Central Area, coordinate service delivery and to create an opportunity for businesses to locate in the downtown and Queen Street Corridor.
The workshop will feature a roundtable session that will provide opportunity for input into the business plan for the Office of the Central Area. The feedback from this discussion will help form important guidelines for the delivery of services and advancement of strategic policies by the Office of the Central Area.
If you are interested in attending this event please contact Thomas McGinty at 905.874.3577 or by email at and provide the names of all guests that will be attending.
Please note that free parking is available after 6:00pm in the City Hall parking garage located at 2 Wellington Street West.