Heritage Planning

The Official Plan for the City of Brampton provides a series of cultural heritage policies that are to be used to frame and inform land use planning decisions; ensuring that significant cultural heritage resources are suitably conserved and mitigated.  The City ensures that recognized conservation principles and heritage due diligence are fully integrated into the land use planning decision process.

Considerable effort has been made in recent years to ensure that the full suite of heritage conservation tools, introduced with recent changes to provincial planning and heritage legislation, are applied in Brampton.  Heritage preservation planning tools include: the regular application of the heritage impact assessment process, judicious use of heritage and cultural policy, coordinating the retention, integration and adaptive reuse of heritage resources on lands subject to redevelopment, by the implementation of sensitive architectural, streetscape and landscaping guidelines, by active participation in the secondary planning process, by the introduction of demolition permit application review/sign off protocols and the like.

Adaptive Reuse and Integration

Adaptive Reuse and Integration


Retention, integration and adaptive reuse of heritage resources are the overriding objectives in heritage planning while insensitive alteration, removal and demolition will be avoided. 



Heritage Policies

Heritage Policies


Heritage programs and services are supported by a broad policy framework, including: the Ontario Heritage Act, Planning Act, provincial policy and conservation standards. 


Heritage Conservation Districts

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