Heritage Outreach Services

The City has an active and dynamic heritage outreach program that focus on building public awareness.  A series of outreach services have been introduced including: wall-mounted plaquing programs, participation in programs such as Communities in Bloom, Heritage Board development, newsletters, publications and a heritage brochure series.

Brampton Heritage Board

BHB Logo 

The Brampton Heritage Board is a Committee established through by-law by City Council under the authority of the Ontario Heritage Act. Click here for more information on the Brampton Heritage Board.

The Brampton Heritage Times

The Brampton Heritage Times 

The City has created a heritage brochure series that provides detailed information on key elements in the overall heritage program.
Brochures to date spotlight the heritage designation program, the Heritage Register and Plaque Program.

A expo display system and posters, promoting the heritage program and related services have also been produced.

Plaque Program & Walking Tours

Plaqye Program & Walking Tours 

Wall Mounted Heritage Plaque Program

Owners of properties listed in the Municipal Register of Heritage Resources or properties designated as heritage under either Part IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act, are eligible for a wall-mounted plaque that identifies the heritage status of the property.  The City issues a limited number of plaques each year. Heritage Plaques publicly identify designated and listed properties so they are easily identifiable as having heritage value. 

Brampton Downtown​ Heritage Walking Tour

Take a whole new look at Brampton’s history with the self-guided Downtown Heritage Walking Tour!

This engaging tour showcases downtown Brampton’s distinctive and vibrant built, natural and cultural heritage. This detailed, illustrated guidebook allows you to take the tour at your own pace, whether you have an hour or a full day. It provides walking directions, detailed information and amazing archival images.

Brampton has a unique and distinctive heritage, and is fortunate to have a heavy concentration of heritage sites located close together in the heart of the city.

Walking tours allow Brampton to showcase its distinctive and vibrant built, natural, and cultural heritage.  The establishment of a heritage walking tour program will allow the City to align different initiatives into a strategic and holistic approach and create awareness about its many historical attributes as well as attract long-time residents, newcomers, and tourists.