The City of Brampton has inherited a rich legacy of cultural heritage resources. Much of the City’s heritage is linked to its historical roots as the “Flowertown of Canada” which is being revived and re-established under the City’s Flower City Strategy. Another important piece of the City’s history is its role as the capital or county seat of the former Peel County.

The preservation of Brampton's heritage is important for many reasons. Heritage resources are non-renewable and once lost, can never be regained. A well preserved heritage contributes to a sense of permanence and continuity. The preservation of heritage resources provides a vital link with the past and a foundation for planning the future, enabling these important assets to continue to contribute to the identity, character, vitality, economic prosperity and quality of life of the community as a whole.

​​The City of Brampton is committed to the preservation of its significant heritage and cultural resources through:

  1. Identifying all heritage resources
  2. Protecting and conserving all heritage resources
  3. Promoting public awareness and enjoyment of these resources
  4. Ensuring the City sets up policies and practices to manage land use wisely​​​​​​​​

Heritage Planning

Heritage Plannning ​​

Heritage Resource Management

Heritage Resource Management​​

Heritage Special Projects

​​Heritage Special Projects

Heritage Outreach Services

Heritage Outreach Services​​

If you would like to see an overview of City of Brampton’s heritage activities, please click here.