Planning Framework

The Planning Framework that guided the structure of this Plan included five phases.


Phase One

“Vision” is a statement of the preferred future by 2016.


Phase Two

“Goals” describe the direction required to achieve the preferred vision.


Phase Three

“Actions” reflect specific tactics required to achieve the respective goal. Actions were identified for each Goal in this phase of the framework.


Phase Four

“Priority” was the phase of the planning framework used to prioritize each of the Actions. Three categories of priority were identified in this Plan:

  1. the Action should be implemented immediately and be completed early in the five-year horizon of the plan (High Priority)
  2. the Action should be planned and implemented within the five-year planning horizon (Medium Priority)
  3. ongoing Actions are those that can be started immediately and do not necessarily have a concluding date

Phase Five

“Implementation” occurred following the adoption of the vision, goals and actions and it sets out the requirements for ensuring sustainable planning and execution of the Plan. Implementation includes governance, budget, staffing, communication planning, monitoring, measuring and updating the Plan.