Community Guidelines

​Brampton Transit (a division of the City of Brampton) welcomes you to interact with us and our social media community. We encourage you to share experiences and give us your feedback. To make sure the discussions remain respectful and constructive, we’ve put some guidelines in place.
Any messages or comments that contain inappropriate or offensive language may be deleted or hidden at our discretion. This includes posts that:

  • Include material that is inappropriate, profane, slanderous or derogatory in nature
  • Contain threatening, offensive or harassing language
  • Promote illegal or dangerous activities
  • Promote any business or organization for commercial gain

Please also note that any comments or posts that users make on our social media pages do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, views and opinions of Brampton Transit. If you believe that another user’s post violates our community guidelines, please report it to us via direct message.
To ensure your own protection, please DO NOT post any personal contact information (including email addresses, mailing addresses and telephone numbers) on our page. Please send this information via private message or email ( if we ask you to do so. If you post your personal information on our page, we may remove the post to ensure your privacy and maintain confidentiality.
We monitor our social media channels Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and will do our best to respond to messages or comments that fit within our community guidelines.