Bus Fares

​Effective September 1, 2019

Detailed Information
Payment Information
Cash Fare

​Exact change required


Preschool Child

​5 years of age and under
(Must be accompanied by a fare paying passenger)


Person With Vision Loss

​Must have CNIB Card



​Card - $6.00
Protective Card Sleeve - $2.00


​6 - 12 years of age

e-purse - $2.00
Weekly Pass - $22.00
Monthly Pass - $84.00


​13 - 19 years of age

e-purse - $2.55
Weekly Pass - $27.50
Monthly Pass - $107.00


20 years of age and older

e-purse - $3.10
Weekly Pass - $34.00
Monthly Pass - $128.00


​65 years of age or older

e-purse - $1.60

Senior Resident

65 years of age or older
​Brampton Transit Senior Identification Card

​Cash Fare - $1.00

e-purse - $1.00
Monthly Pass - $15.00

GO Fare Integration

GO Ticket/Pass to and from GO Train Station

Click here for full details.

​Cash Fare - $0.80
PRESTO e-purse - **$0.80

**PRESTO card holders are also eligible to transfer from Brampton Transit to GO Transit bus service. The co-fare will automatically be calculated.

GTA Weekly Pass


Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Weekly Pass is an accepted fare on all TTC, Mississauga, Brampton and York Region Transit routes, including service for persons with disabilities which are operated by these systems. Customers in possession of a GTA Pass will not be required to pay the additional fare when crossing municipal boundaries.
The GTA Weekly Pass can be purchased at any of our terminals and facilities. The pass is valid from Monday to Sunday of the same week.
NOTE: The GTA Weekly Pass is separate from a PRESTO card. The value of the pass cannot be loaded onto a PRESTO card.


Veteran Pass

Click here for details.


NO REFUNDS on GTA Weekly Passes, PRESTO passes or PRESTO farecard issuance fees.

PRESTO e-purse refunds $50.00 and under can be refunded by Brampton Transit. Refunds are subject to a mandatory 4% fee and the card must be returned.

PRESTO e-purse refunds over $50.00 must be done by a mail-in form to PRESTO. Visit prestocard.ca for more information.


A $0.05 minimum load is required upon purchase and at each reloading. The $0.05 can be used towards a Brampton Transit pass (weekly or monthly).

Please note that Brampton Transit passes are only valid on Brampton Transit and Züm buses.

Negative card balance settlement fee is $0.25 at the time of reload.