Outdoor Education

Child observing nature 

Team learning & inspired learning that is curriculum-based

Environmental and outdoor courses offered at Eldorado Park or on-site at your school.  Develop knowledge, skills and positive attitudes in students, which reinforce classroom concepts and topics. 

Program Details 

Team Building Programs help students improve communication, build peer relationships, develop critical and creative thinking, enhance interpersonal skills and showcase the strengths of each team member.
Curriculum Based Programs create hands-on learning and deliver key concepts in a concrete and enjoyable manner. Teaching strategies will accommodate a variety of learning styles.
Leadership Oriented Programs help participants learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses, appreciate differences in other people and show respect for others and the environment.
Students will:
  • Actively participate in physically and mentally demanding activities that will examine people's impact on the environment
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for a safe outdoor experience
  • Show awareness and appreciation for living things and basic ecological processes
  • Build on and increase knowledge that will foster responsibility for local and global environments