Camp Admission

Eldorado Park and Inclusive Camp Bus Routes

Any child under the age of 10 years must have a parent or guardian at their bus stop. Participants are required to be at the pick-up/drop-off location 10 minutes ahead of the listed schedule.

Parents are responsible for transportation should their child miss the bus. Campers must ride to and from camp each day, and will not be permitted to change stops throughout the week. Please note that there is an additional fee for the bus service.

Eldorado Park: ​Pick-up begins at 7:30am. Buses leave Eldorado Park at 4:00pm and complete the route in the reverse order.

Inclusive Camps: Pick-up begins at 8:00am. Buses leave their destinations at 4:00pm and complete the route in reverse order.

Please allow approximately 10 minutes between stops.
collapse Route : Eldorado A ‎(7)
Gore Meadows Community Centre7:30am5:25pm
Castlebrooke Secondary School7:40am5:15pm
Red Willow Public School7:50am5:05pm
Holy Spirit Public School8:00am4:55pm
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School8:10am4:45pm
Treeline Public School8:20am4:35pm
Mountain Ash Public School8:30am4:25pm
collapse Route : Eldorado B ‎(8)
Brampton Soccer Centre7:30am5:25pm
Louise Arbour Secondary School7:40am5:15pm
Chinguacousy Wellness Centre7:50am5:05pm
Professor's Lake Recreation Centre8:00am4:55pm
St. Anthony Catholic School8:10am4:45pm
North Park Secondary School8:20am4:35pm
Century Gardens Recreation Centre8:30am4:25pm
Agnes Taylor Public School8:40am4:15pm
collapse Route : Eldorado C ‎(7)
Earnscliffe Recreation Centre7:30am5:20pm
Bramalea Secondary School7:40am5:10pm
Clark Boulevard Public School7:50am5:00pm
Lester B. Pearson Catholic School8:00am4:50pm
Terry Miller Recreation Centre8:10am4:40pm
Greenbriar Recreation Centre8:20am4:30pm
Jefferson Public School8:30am4:20pm
collapse Route : Eldorado D ‎(7)
Loafer's Lake Recreation Centre7:30am5:15pm
Terry Fox Public School7:40am5:10pm
St. Rita Catholic School7:50am5:00pm
Snelgrove Community Centre8:00am4:45pm
Burnt Elm Public School8:10am4:40pm
Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre8:20am4:25pm
Westervelts Corner Public School8:30am4:15pm
collapse Route : Eldorado E ‎(8)
Chris Gibson Recreation Centre7:30am5:15pm
McHugh Public School7:40am5:05pm
McMurchy Pool (Kiwanis Youth Centre)7:50am4:55pm
St. Francis Xavier Catholic School8:00am4:45pm
County Court & Bloomingdale8:10am4:35pm
South Fletcher's Sportsplex8:20am4:25pm
St. Brigid Catholic School8:30am4:15pm
St. Monica Catholic School8:40am4:05pm
collapse Route : Eldorado F ‎(9)
Cassie Campbell Community Centre7:30am5:25pm
Brisdale Public School7:40am5:15pm
Old Alloa Public School (Temporary Huttonville Public School)7:50am5:05pm
McCrimmon Public School8:00am4:55pm
Worthington Public School8:10am4:45pm
Edenbrook Hill Public School8:20am4:35pm
Homestead Public School8:30am4:25pm
James Potter Public School8:40am4:15pm
Lorenville Public School8:50am4:05pm
collapse Route : Inclusive Bus A ‎(6)
Gore Meadows Community Centre8:00am5:00pm
Chinguacousy Wellness Centre8:15am4:45pm
Earnscliffe Recreation Centre8:30am4:30pm
Chinguacousy Park (Ski Chalet)8:40am4:20am
Century Gardens Recreation Centre8:50am4:10pm
Loafer's Lake Recreation Centre9:00am4:00pm
collapse Route : Inclusive Bus B ‎(7)
South Fletcher's Sportsplex8:00am5:00pm
Chris Gibson Recreation Centre8:10am4:50pm
Cassie Campbell Community Centre8:20am4:40pm
Snelgrove Community Centre8:30am4:30pm
Loafer's Lake Recreation Centre8:40am4:20pm
Century Gardens Recreation Centre8:50am4:10pm
Chinguacousy Park (Ski Chalet)9:00am4:00pm