Parks Cleanup Safety Tips

Volunteer safety is the highest priority. Before starting a Parks Cleanup, please read these tips. Take every precaution to avoid personal injury.
Watch for and avoid hazards such as:
  • Wild animals, insects, hives and nests
  • Noxious weeds such as poison ivy and poison sumac
  • Glass, barbed wire, needles, pipes
  • Debris with sharp or rusted edges
  • Animal burrows, unexpected holes, ditches or culverts
  • Broken or uneven footing to the ground
Wear hard soled protective shoes and dress appropriately for the weather
Work only in daylight and when weather is fair
Bring water, a hat and sunglasses and wear sunscreen even in cloudy weather
Don’t pick up litter or debris on a roadway surface or close to the edge of the road
Don’t enter any water-filled area such as ditches, streams, or ponds
Don’t pick up any materials that may be especially hazardous such as chemicals, dead animals, birds or SHARPS, like needles. Instead, mark the location of the materials and dial 311 immediately.
Thank you for helping to keep Brampton clean and green!