Hazardous Materials Response Truck

Year: 2006
Model: Spartan


This 2006 Brampton-built, custom hazmat truck carries the team of hazmat technicians to spills of dangerous chemicals, infectious substances and radioactive materials.

The truck includes a satellite communication system capable of sending and receiving data over the internet, a weather station, and an Entry Link wireless video camera for sending images from a scene out to the truck. 

To protect the team members, the truck brings a selection of Level A (fully-encapsulated) and Level B suits, Scott SCBA with hour-long cylinders, and Scott Envoy communications systems.

To detect and identify the hazardous materials, the truck is equipped with a multi-gas detector, a photo-ionization detector, colorimetric tubes, radiation dosimeters, a radiation survey meter and a radiation contamination monitor.

To control and clean-up spills, the truck carries various absorbent materials in the form of granular, sheets, socks and booms. The team also has various patching equipment and an industrial hepa vacuum.

Finally, to ensure that hazmat team members safely escape the hazardous materials, the truck carries portable decontamination equipment, including a propane water heater for the colder months.